Simple Holiday Gift WrappingTis’ the season when things start to get a little bit manic – am I right? You’ve opened up your calendar to see that Christmas is literally right around the corner and you haven’t even started your holiday shopping. This year, we are switching things up by encouraging thoughtful gifts instead of tons of presents, and we are applying that same logic to the way we wrap! Check out this years round up of minimal, yet elegant, holiday gift wrapping ideas! – xoxo, LK

Hello, hello – Lindsey here! Merry Christmas, friends! With the holidays creeping up on us, things can easily get overwhelming, but gift wrapping can be easy as pie. Fresh greenery on stark black wrapping paper can make a bold statement while kraft paper and red twine is an easy classic. For a touch of minimal glamour try gold washi tape! Today, we’re sharing easy and minimal gift wrapping ideas with fresh greens and holiday cheer. Enjoy!

Simple Holiday Gift Wrapping


Spruce up your wrapping this year by adding a little greenery to the mix. Snip some stems off of your tree or grab something from the garden to use in lieu of a bow. These are perfect for presents that you are just about to give or for those of you that like to display them under your tree as the holidays approach.

For a little touch of glam, swap out the twine for some metallic washi tape and just like that it’s mid-century and chic.

Simple Holiday Gift Wrapping


Swap out that traditional wrapping paper and try wrapping your presents in kraft paper this year. Go with the classic kraft brown, or get super fancy and opt for a colored option – either way, it’s chic! I love wrapping my gifts in kraft paper because it really lets the ribbon (or greenery) take center stage, plus it’s fun to decorate the paper using markers or stamps.

It gives the package that extra special personal touch or keeps things minimal and classic. However you swing it, buy kraft paper in bulk versus a million rolls of wrapping paper is absolutely the more economical way to go!

Simple Holiday Gift Wrapping


There are few things more satisfying than opening a really beautiful present on Christmas morning – so have some fun! We’ve been all about the color red this year in our holiday decorations and it’s made it’s way into our presents wrappings as well.

Add a candy cane or a fun little dollar store trinket to your ribbons for a playful touch. Go crazy and play with twine, velvet ribbon, and other little odds and ends you have around the house!

Simple Holiday Gift Wrapping

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