Gr3Z74ccr3AteVm643ovOf0Xx1nBTNuQIiuwlZdQyzkHello & Happy Friday! Lindsey here and I can’t wait to introduce you to my favorite Christmas cocktail – The Snickerdoodle. This is just as good as it sounds, if not better! What would Christmas be without a little something sweet and this cocktail is just the thing. Can’t wait to hear what you think…g_JUC3_j7lZV41pOvJygmlGYJJD70bhgGhUePXJ4spk,QDmjtHomZsv5Fj4tMzJejKTIJx-quohgDBtGxlvapNw


– Cinnamon sugar

– Vanilla extract

– 3 oz. Half & half

– 2 oz. Vanilla Vodka

– Dash of cinnamon


1. Use two small ramekins to rim the glasses with cinnamon sugar. First, dip the rim of each glass into a ramekin with a little vanilla extract, then the cinnamon sugar.

2. In a cocktail shaker, pour vanilla vodka and half & half over ice with a few pinches of cinnamon sugar. Shake well until chilled and mixed. Divide into glasses and top with a dash of cinnamon garnish and festive paper straw. Enjoy!


Photography by Amanda Jameson