This time of year is when I truly appreciate living in the great state of Arizona. While our friends on the east coast and mid-west (even those in Texas!) are getting dumped on with snow, I am enjoying sunny, 75 degree days. Spring has sprung in our neighborhoods, and many of us are subsequently getting a jump on our Spring cleaning. Just before the weekend, I went through my makeup and hair care stash and tossed out anything old and un-used. It felt great to clear out and get organized. With a clean slate and plenty of extra room, I got really excited to introduce my new Spring must-haves to the collection.




A few months ago at a local flea market, I came across an amazing organic beauty line called Flora Apothecary. I purchased a beard kit for my husband, who fell in love with the products. I decided to check the rest of the line out, and quickly found three beauty products that have turned into must-haves for my beauty regimen.

The first being the Lalita Peppermint + Eucalyptus Moisturizing Facial Elixir. As many of you know, I have very dry skin and love a dewy glow more than anything. This elixir is perfect for anyone looking to freshen up their skin after a long day in the office, or giving your skin a bit of natural sheen. I love to mist this on my face after staring at the computer screen for too long, and it’s also super refreshing after a long yoga practice. The 2 oz. bottle is the perfect size to hide in your purse or cosmetic pouch.



These next two go hand in had, the Zana Lip Collection. I love to buff my lips with the Vanilla + Honey Lip polish, and top off with the amazing lip balm. I am really picky about scents and flavors of lip products. Anything too fragrant or strong really turns me off. These products are extremely calming, and the scent isn’t overwhelming whatsoever. The scrub works well enough for me that I only use once a day, usually before bed. I carry the balm with me in it’s adorable container everywhere I go. It’s been the best replacement for chapsticks that find their way to the bottom of my bag and get mystery crumbs stuck in the lid!


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breann bowman