C1Candice here & I have a confession –  I can be totally frantic about hosting dinner with friends.  Obsessive sometimes.  I want the menu to be perfectly paired, the record to be perfectly right, and the dessert to be perfectly baked.  And I’m not proud of that tendency because hosting dinner with friends isn’t about the menu or the play list.  It’s about exactly that – dinner with friends:  asking questions, hearing about their lives, and sharing yours.

Then, about two years ago, I discovered a rhythm that would wipe away all of that stress and allow me to truly be present with my guests and enjoy hosting. Do you want to know what it is?  A (mostly) clean house.

C2The truth is that when my house feels clean…. and especially when it is clean….I’m way, waaaaay less stressed out about entertaining.  When our living room is picked up, I’m not worried about friends stopping by.  When the dishes are put away, I’m not anxious about making a big meal.  In fact, I love it!  Can you relate?

For me, cleaning is so much less of chore when I love the products I use and their scents, so I rounded up my favorite tools and tips below!



My first tips for a clean home are:

1. Clean the kitchen before bed daily.

a) soak the pots, put everything else in the dishwasher.
b) sweep the floor.
c) put out a new dish towel.

2. And every other week, clean the bathroom.

I promise if you just do these two things, you’ll be well on your way to a cleaner home and much less stressful entertaining.


Source List and Links!

Fuller Angle Broom, 29.95 at Williams Sonoma | Cotton and Jute Cloths, 16.95 at Crate and Barrel | Glass Brush, 16 at The Laundress | Lavender Dish Soap, 3.95 at Mrs. Meyers | Copper Wire Bin, 89.95 at Nannie Inez | Nail Brush, 20 at Ancient Industries | Woolen Duster, 20.99 at Fuller, and most recently at Anthropologie | Lavender Surface Scrub, 4.99 at Mrs. Meyers | Spaghetti Scrubbers, 10.29 at Goodbye Detergent via Amazon | Thick Linen Cloth, 15 at Fog Linen | Swiffer SteamBoost Mop, 42.99 at Target – I swear by this y’all!

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