minted0001I don’t care what anyone says, brunch is the best. To me, it’s one of the best parts of being an adult. Macaroons, bellinis, a few vegetables so you can have another macaroon, and it’s basically the best time ever. Since we think every weekend should have some brunch plans involved, we’ve teamed up with Minted to host a little gals brunch!

It’s the start of the week, so you should have ample time to get inspired to host a little get together this weekend. Don’t worry, Minted makes it easy with their adorable bar cards, tags, and banners, so all you have to do is grab the food, mix up some drinks, and have your besties over. What could be better?!minted0002Now, hosting a brunch in your space might sound daunting, but I promise it’s not only a breeze, but a ton of fun!

Forget the crowd, the judgy server, and splitting the check, hosting a brunch is easy because your friends can hang out as long as they want! Plus, you’ve got the best special in town – bottomless mimosas and all you can eat treats.

We will break down the fool-proof steps for hosting a wildly successful brunch (without the fuss), but only if you promise to try it!

minted0013Okay, step one:

Go to Minted & pick out your dream brunch theme. We went with a super fun, marble palette in killer peach & gold tones and I am obsessed with them.

Not only are the themes and colors great, but the options they give you are amazing! Don’t want to DIY a banner, don’t worry, they’ve got you. How about customizable cards for the bar cart? Oh, yep, they’ve got those too. It’s like having your own personal graphic designer on hand & the best part is that you can re-use them for many events to come!

minted0024 Step Two:

Get your list of power-house brunch friends together.

Send them an email, invite them over group-text, fly a carrier pigeon to their house, we don’t care, just get those gals together!

minted0016Step Three:

It’s now time to plan the “menu.” When we say menu, we don’t mean omelette bar or anything overwhelming. We mean, the best goodies, treats, and brunch staples you can whip up (or pick up) without getting stressed.

Need some help brainstorming? Lucky for you, we have a particular love for breakfast foods. Here are our favorite recipes you can make ahead or prep the night before

minted0029Step Four:

To me, this is the best step – the prep! I love getting things ready for an event. Setting the table, adding fun details, making everything look delicious & fun – it’s the best. Who cares about a perfectly styled home, or a messy living room, no one is coming over because they want to judge the dust on your mantel (if so, you need new friends), it’s all about hanging out, spending time, and catching up!

Have a little fun while you set things up. I always put on a good playlist to get my creative juices going. Again, it doesn’t have to be perfect, it’s just got to be honest!


Step Five:

Are you ready? This is the hardest step – HAVE A GOOD TIME!

Your friends are here, the food is perfect, the space is beautiful, and literally nothing could be better. So maybe you don’t have matching plates or some of you are drinking cocktails from a mug – but who cares?!

You did it! You got your friends together and that is the most important thing. Plus, you’ve just thrown your first stay-at-home gals brunch and it was a raging success! That deserves another cocktail in my book 😉

minted0038Love what you see? Want to host your own? SHOW US! Getting friends together and celebrating is our favorite & we would love to see how you style, prep, and throw your next bash! Tag us here or use #LKMakes. Who knows, we might even invite ourselves over next time! minted0027

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