Floating Shelves DIY-14Candice here!  I’m down in South Mexico buying for a handful of special clients – if you need a little inspiration for Monday morning, I hope you’ll follow along!  But first I want to know – how are you liking the interiors column?  Are you interested? Intrigued? Today, I think we’re going to hook you for life!

We’re kicking off a new DIY series over here on the column — but with a twist.  While I enjoy crafts in theory, those kind how-to’s just never did it for me because I didn’t actually have the time to go to the craft store and pick up specific tools and papers and paints.  But I’ve always paid close attention when someone breaks down their secrets and I can learn a trick or two.

And today we’re doing just that!

Floating Shelves DIY-06Meet Caroline Brewer.  Her blog first caught my eye because I’d been wrestling with the poster bed in our guest room and this post demystified everything.  Caroline’s style in particular is simple, but incredibly thoughtful

A few weeks ago, I asked her if she’d share a few more secrets, and she said yes!  First up  is a real challenge – how to style floating shelves.  To be honest, her steps are so easy and intuitive that they can be used for just about any space – the top of your chest of drawers, your desk, or a side table.  I can’t wait to get back home and give our bookcases a much needed facelift.

Now I’m going to hand it over to Caroline – take it away!Floating Shelves DIY-08

 Step 1:

First, it is important to start with a blank canvas. Remove the excess and start with a clean slate.

Floating Shelves DIY-01

Step 2:

Choose your anchor pieces. I started with 4 uniquely different pieces of art, each piece feeling substantial. To avoid it feeling too staged place each piece of art on a different section of the shelves, creating direction and movement. After placing the anchor pieces I layer in the rest of the art. None of the art is actually hung, which makes it easy to switch things out and keep the space feeling fresh and new over time.
Floating Shelves DIY-02
Floating Shelves DIY-03
Floating Shelves DIY-05

Step 3:

Add in fun accessories. I always choose interesting conversation pieces. I love to pull things from my travels that have interesting stories. One of my favorite things on the floating shelves is the dark room timer. My husband is a photographer so when I found this vintage treasure it was especially fun!
Floating Shelves DIY-05 (1)

Step 4:

Add something living. This step can really take your space to the next level and is my favorite part! Adding something green can help lead your eye from the top of the space to bottom. I normally add both a potted plant as well as fresh cuts.
Floating Shelves DIY-10

Step 5:

Add the finishing touches. Take a moment to step back and asses your shelves. Ask yourselves questions about balance and proportion. The shelves had quite a few statement pieces, but needed some accent accessories so I added the small quirky animals, tee-pee incense burner and vintage red dice. Also, there needed to be something to ground the shelves. A basket full of blankets did the trick!
Floating Shelves DIY-11
Floating Shelves DIY-12
Thank you so much, Caroline!  We couldn’t have asked for an easier way to make home a little more beautiful.

Floating Shelves DIY-13

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