LK_OHFox_August2015-29I don’t know about you, but it still feels a bit like summer around Chicago. The sun is still warm and it’s still totally acceptable to wear those cute peep toe heels you just don’t have the heart to put away yet. Thanks to Candice & Ashley, we are getting one last squeeze out of summer & celebrating the end of that beautiful season with this gorgeous cheese board! I feel like a cheese board is just about the best way to celebrate anything, so here’s to it! xo- LK

Labor Day weekend was the sweetest, last sip of summer with road trips, grill outs, and long nights (for us anyway!) But the weather hasn’t changed… I’m not quite ready to roast pumpkins or make a big pots of soup.  So recently, when we headed over to a movie night with friends and they served the perfectly seasonal cheese and snack boards, I was dying to share it with you all!  My sweet friend Ashley agreed to have me over and share all of her secrets…

First up, Ashley says it’s the perfect time to serve homemade Italian sodas!  They’re refreshing at a time when you’re over lemonade, but not ready for hot apple cider.


1. Boil 1 cup sugar with 1 cup water.  Stir until sugar is dissolved.

2. Add 1.5 cup blueberries (or berries of your choice) and continue boiling for 10 minutes.

3. Strain. Keep the syrup, discard the berries and voila!

4. Pour over ice and top with sparkling water.


Next, Ashley showed me the secret to preparing the most delicious artichokes.  These babies absolutely stole the show!

Artichokes totally intimidated me until Ashley demystified the whole process!

LK_OHFox_August2015-13LK_OHFox_August2015-14ASHLEY’S ARTICHOKES

1. Start with a super sharp knife – if you’ve been looking for an upgrade that won’t downgrade your wallet, I’ve got to recommend these.

2. Quarter the ‘chokes and steam them for about 15 to 20 minutes.

3. Melt 1/4 stick butter and a couple tablespoons of olive oil to coat the bottom of a pan.

4. Then, pan fry the artichokes flesh side down for 5 minutes until brown and crispy.

5. Finish with a healthy squeeze of lemon juice!

LK_OHFox_August2015-33You’ve got your beverage, the ‘chokes are on the stove, now it’s time to prep the most main event – the cheese board!

Pick up late summer fruit – stone fruit like peaches and plums plus fresh figs are perfect.  Halve and quarter into bite sizes with a safe, good knife.  The Edge of Belgravia makes the most absolutely beautiful knives that are incredibly sharp and definitely affordable if you’re looking for a big – girl knife option! I use the precision series.OHFOX2

Add three various cheeses based on softness – buy what you love!  I adore sheep’s milk cheese so my picks were along the same flavor profile, but differed in softness, which allows guests to maximize their favorite combinations.

Include the classics like marcona almonds and a salty olive.

LK_OHFox_August2015-22 (1)Finish with sardines.  I’ve never seen anyone serve sardines like Ashley, soaked in oil and topped with parsley.  But with a dollop of dijon on a cracker, they couldn’t have been better.LK_OHFox_August2015-21 (1)

What do you think – are you inspired, feeling creative?  It’s amazing what simple snacks laid out can do to make company feel relaxed and at home.  Secrets and real life stories flow freely when folks are full and there’s something tasty to drink.  I hope this post gives you that little nudge to invite a few friends over to share real life!OHFOX3

Beautiful photos by Becca EwingCandice Button


Here in Austin, the weekend trip, bachelorette party, quick getaway and family meet up is often New Orleans. But go a little further and east and you’ll hit what I think is the ultimate weekend on a U.S. beach. Miami is anything you need it to be – a lay on the beach for three days and sleep trip, a stay up late and go dancing ’til the sun comes up trip, or somewhere in between.  Due to the diverse cultural influences, Miami feels like a different world – you’re transported by the architecture, the 7 languages you hear in the air tram headed to the taxi, the humid air and plethora of palm trees.  Have I convinced you yet?  For a late summer getaway, there isn’t a better place to go – and here are my top picks.

La Latina

La Latina is a cozy spot just on the edge of Wynwood in Miami.  Arepas, a corn cake popular in South America, are their specialty.  Try the black bean and sweet plantain arepa and thank me later.


Zak the Baker.

The only thing to say is try it.  So delicious.  If you’re gluten free, they’re happy to serve the tuna melt or egg salad on greens.


The Angler’s.

The truth is that I love a boutique hotel and this Kimpton fit the bill – nicely.


The Rose Bar and the Spa at Delano.

The Delano spa is such a well kept secret – it offers a mani/pedi for the price you would pay at home except it’s a spa on a rooftop in Miami #srsly. And the Rose Bar, well, see below.


Finally, South Beach itself.

It’s the best people watching of all time and happens to be stunning.  Take a frozen bottle of white wine and sandwiches, rent a cabana for $20, and I promise you will be transported to total relaxation.

whmIenFcXtmzTZgbk1XKoQTf1d_dFD15GWy6mSg2Mi0-1Where do you love to go in Miami?  I’d love to hear!

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MH-20150325-64Hello & HAPPY FRIDAY! Candice here and you are in for an amazing treat today! More than ever people are saving up to buy beautiful, meaningful things for their wardrobes and spaces.  But when I started developing this collection, I had no idea how long the production process would be nor the cost of the product.  I mean, a cup for $24?  Could I be serious?

Then, I met Andrea, of Javelina Ranch, over a coffee date and she shared with me a little bit of the backstory of pottery.  It would take at least 3 weeks to make candle holder or drinking cup she said.   We’re so used to instant gratification and multiples of everything, I could hardly get my head around it.  I knew I had to find out more.

I asked if I could have a behind the scenes look in her studio one afternoon, and handmade took on a whole new meaning.  Scroll through to see her process and stop for the interview along the way – you don’t want to miss it!


{Andrea shares a studio with other ceramicists, and their entrance is a little store front where you can buy their work.}


{We met up with Andrea in the studio where she was cutting and weighing clay.}

MH-20150325-42Tell us about your journey towards becoming a ceramicist.

I’ve always felt the need to create. Over the years, I’ve gone through countless mediums (probably spending the most time on sewing), but nothing has felt as natural as pottery.  I started taking a pottery class as a much needed creative outlet last spring. I had been interested in it, but intimidated by the idea of relying on a workspace outside of my home. After doing some research and finding a studio that fit my wish list, I signed up for a two month course. To say that I fell in love with the art form is an understatement.
After saving quite a bit, and with the loving encouragement and support of my boyfriend, I made the jump and left the corporate world last summer to pursue my dream. I have spent the past year working in the wedding industry, continuing pottery classes, and working at the pottery studio as a way to learn more about the overall process.
I’m now selling small batch pottery and select home goods through my brand, Javelina Ranch, while saving to buy some property here in Central Texas and planning next steps.
To call this a journey is so fitting. I’m not even at the halfway point yet, and I’m so so thankful for the love and support I’ve received so far!

MH-20150325-16 MH-20150325-17

When you make a new ceramic piece, what’s the first step in the process?

Music selection is first! My hands are rarely dry or clean after my earbuds go in. Then it’s time for cutting, weighing and wedging and wedging and wedging. Did I mention wedging? When I get to the studio I’ll usually cut, weigh and wedge anywhere from 10-20lbs of clay depending on what I’m making that day.
The process is tiring, so it’s nice to knock it out and then take a short break before sitting down to throw. I love to throw a pound or two at a time creating smaller pieces like cups and bowls, so I prepare a large tray of perfectly wedged and patted clay balls. It’s amazing how easy centering and throwing can be, if you start out on the right foot.

MH-20150325-21MH-20150325-34MH-20150325-26MH-20150325-23MH-20150325-27 What happens next, and how long does it take?

After wedging, I’ll usually take a short break for the sake of my forearms.
When I am ready to throw, I sit down to the wheel with a large towel and my prepped clay handy. Timing really varies depending on what I’m making, but all pieces start with the same basic steps: centering, drilling, opening, and compressing the bottom. Once those are completed I can pull the clay walls to the desired height and thickness and adjust them to the desired shape. Once a piece is thrown, I’ll cut it from the wheel and place it on a board to dry.

Drying slowly can take anywhere from a day or two depending on the humidity.Next is trimming. Once pieces have dried to about leather hard, I’ll spend a good amount of time trimming the bottom, signing each piece, and carving any designs I may want to add to the sides or edges. Then I set them on new boards to dry completely before loading them into the bisque kiln.


Tell us about the kiln.

At my studio, we use electric kilns for bisque firings and two large gas kilns for glaze firings. Fun fact: I can just about stand in one of the gas kilns!
The studio as a whole probably produces enough work to run two or more bisque loads a week, and full glaze firings every other week. It’s really quite the production for a community of students and teachers.
When I started there as a student, I wasn’t a part of the behind-the-scenes action. It wasn’t until I started working there that I was trained to load kilns and mix glazes. It’s been such an eye opening experience. SO MUCH work and care goes into the process before you get to a finished piece. First loading the greenware (fragile un-fired pottery) along with kiln shelves weighing anywhere from 15-25lbs, bisque firing, cooling, then unloading the bisqueware and shelves, glazing, then loading a glaze kiln (with more kiln shelves), firing, cooling and finally unloading the finished pieces (and the shelves).
And we’re doing this sort of work in an outdoor kiln shed year round. Which means even now. In the famous Texas summer heat. That’s some serious love and dedication to the craft!

How has becoming a ceramicist changed you?

 Through pottery, my creative side has a purposeful outlet now; the product of my labor is something that I can take pride in sharing with others. It’s such an amazing feeling to make something that’s functional and beautiful.
And I will add that pottery is a slow art, so I’ve definitely learned how to be patient.

MH-20150325-45MH-20150325-46 Finally, where can we find more Javelina Ranch goodies?

 I’ll be reopening my Etsy shop July 15th and I accept custom orders regularly, so please feel free to email me for a quote any time at!
While I sell primarily online, I LOVE to participate in pop up shops whenever I get the chance. My next scheduled event is set for September 10th at Black Lagoon Gallery.   And you can always follow along on Instagram @JavelinaRanch for behind-the-scenes details, shop updates and giveaways!

Andrea, Thank you one million times for sharing the process of pottery with us!MH-20150325-40

Photography by Minette HandCandice Button


View More: few Sundays ago, my husband and I drove thirty minutes just East of Austin to Green Acres.  We wanted to spend the last night of our weekend unplugging (which you might have read about here!) and Green Acres seemed like perfect place, even if just for a night.  We were mesmerized by the photos on AirBnB, and the space itself was even more beautiful. I’d love to share a few photos if you’d like to see…

View More:

View More:

{We rolled up the canvas door and look what we found…}

View More:

View More:

{Moroccan wedding blankets, balinese tables, and a cowhide – our hosts are well traveled!}

View More:

{I especially loved the throw pillows, which were designed by Raven + Lily, a company co-founded by our hosts!}View More:

{The bedding was as soft and comfortable as a night at the Four Seasons!}

View More:

View More:

{Happy to be unplugging!}

View More:

bathroom View More:

{Nervous about an ‘outhouse’?  Don’t be.  The yurt was stocked with eco-friendly toiletries and beautiful Turkish towels. }View More:

I’m dying to know – would you stay out at a yurt?!  If the answer is yes, just mention OH! Fox when you book your reservation here, and receive 10% off of your stay, plus soap and a journal from Raven + Lily.  Enjoy!

Stunning photos by Kate ZimmermanCandice Button


cellphoneWe were at backyard party this weekend and a group of friends began talking about how they ‘unplug’.  As the conversation unfolded, each person shared activities that he or she considered refreshing – some said a hike or a swim, hobbies and cooking came up, but it became clear that unplugging itself is getting harder and harder.  I even heard myself say that I had to take a vacation to unplug.  Whatttttt??????

If your weekend was anything like mine, you did unplug….a little.  You turned off the alarm and walked away from the computer for a few hours in the afternoon.  But now that Monday’s here you started the day scrolling through Instagram as you lay in bed.  Just like that, we’re at it again – there’s a phone ever present and we can’t seem to take a break. And it feels normal because statistics show that we check our phones an average of 150 times a day.

If you’re feeling that tension, too, here are 4 practical things I do to unplug during the week.


Talk More. Tech Less. is a 30 day experience that is designed to strengthen relationships and lead to greater connection.  I found out about this idea and absolutely loved it because it truly gets the tech detox jump started.  The Experience includes a custom made “Detox Box” created to put devices in at strategic times during the day.  Thirty daily notecards are included, too, to help you begin a true journey to healthy technology usage. The 30 days can be done individually, but the program is designed to be walked through with those closest to you; your partner, co-workers or friends. As I have spent the past month examining my tech habits and engaging more with people,  I honestly experienced personal, spiritual and relational growth.  

TMTL box


It is much more difficult for me to reach for my phone at a stoplight when my purse is in the backseat!  Even though I’m a big believer in not texting and driving, it’s so tempting when it’s within arm’s reach.  So starting last week, I placed it out of arm’s reach when I’m driving and felt much more present and aware.


The easiest way to truly enjoy the morning (and keep you from hitting the snooze button!) is by plugging your phone in at night in the kitchen.  After getting out of bed and making that short walk to my phone’s alarm, I rarely stand there in my undies and check email.  I’m way more likely to fill up our kettle and get the coffee started.


This was the game changer.  After finding out about Talk More. Tech Less. I started examining my own habits around technology and the biggest distraction was always email.  I mean, I would pick up my phone and check email at least twice in a car ride! What’s wild is that unless I’m on set, it doesn’t even make sense to check my email on a phone.  I get a headache staring at the small screen and am often around a computer all day.
I’m curious – would you try Talk More.Tech Less?  How do you unplug?

2 | 3| 4

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MH-20150326-28I met Claire Fields when I first moved to Austin and had never seen anything like her style before.  Her shop, Beehive, is cool.  It’s beyond cool.  It’s hip, it’s functional, and when I wear it, I get a ship ton of compliments.  This past Spring,  Duffy Stone redesigned the look of the shop and it’s honestly a vision out of a dream.  Moseying into Beehive gives you the sense that you’re vacation somewhere amazing – there are palm fronds and beautiful greens everywhere mixed in with stellar vintage pieces that comprise the tables and display cases.  As if the styles weren’t enough, there’s a Topo Chico bar at the back.  I have to stop writing about it because I could go on for hours.  Just scroll below and enjoy every damn detail.  I can promise you now, you’ll come back to the post over and over again today and in the coming days.



{What did I say? Am I right?}

{This is the stunningly beautiful Claire who, with her friend Jess, buys killer looks for the shop season after season.}MH-20150326-65MH-20150326-34MH-20150326-55

{Pineapple sconces hang over the aqua jewelry bar.}




{The dressing rooms are epic – macrame installations over the curtains, grassy green shag carpets layered under vintage seating.  This is Perfection.}


{You’re not dreaming – that’s an ice box full of Topo Chico and topped with more pineapples.}MH-20150326-32MH-20150326-40MH-20150326-36

{The peacock chairs belonged to Claire’s grandparents and Duffy found that unreal jute chandelier.}MH-20150326-35MH-20150326-48

{Here’s a pic of Duffy behind the scenes.  She’s so down to earth and impossibly cool.}MH-20150326-47

{A disco ball overflowing with more green?  Yes, please.}


{Beehive captures summer trends like plaid in the most amazing shapes and styles.}MH-20150326-79So now I gotta know – what’s your favorite part?!

Beautiful photos by Minette Hand

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OH!Fox_17Summer is officially here, and outdoor grilling and easy entertaining are the name of the game!  We’ve been talking a lot here at HQ about minimizing clutter, cutting back on excess, and going after that dream/goal/idea you keep having. So, in the spirit of going after dreams, I spent the Spring designing modern kitchen essential pieces that truly help make the transition from grill-to-table seamless and beautiful.

Taking into account durable materials, helpful shapes and sizes and pieces that can be used for multiple purposes, I decided to make a cotton towels, cutting boards, ceramic vessels, and leather placemats.  If you haven’t read “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” but Marie Kondo (which you totally should it’s truly life-changing), Marie talks about getting rid of the things that no longer serve you. There are so many kitchen products out there made from crappy materials, don’t work well, and aren’t worth their weight. When designing this collection, I wanted to focus on quality materials and honest craftsmanship so we could cut down on the clutter and take back some of that coveted counter space.

Here’s a peek if you’d like to see the collection…


The first essential is the perfect cotton towel that can be used as a napkin, hand towel, or even placemat. You can wipe down your counters with it or hang it over your stove to dry your hands.  I love having cotton linens on hand to dry the dishes, too.  The uses are endless!


The next essential is a cutting board.  This one is made from Texas maple, Peruvian walnut, and bloodwood which are beautiful woods that will age over time.  I use ‘cutting boards’ to serve cheese and charcuterie, make a beautiful snack plate, or just as a surface to prepare a sandwich.  Here, I simply laid out stems I picked from the garden to arrange a small bouquet.


One essential that I didn’t even realize I loved is a multi use vessel!  After using the same cups over and over for wine and vases on different occasions, I knew the collection needed an industrial, modern take on the glass. You can use these in place of stemware for a  cocktail, as mugs for coffee or dishes for a yummy scoop of ice cream.

OH!Fox_5Last up is a leather placemat.  I honestly use a placemat most of the time when I sit down at the table – it transforms daily meals into a special time.

Now I want to know – what are your essentials?  What several pieces do you use over and over in the kitchen to keep it uncluttered but beautiful?

Dreamy photography by Becca Ewing

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MH20150327-109Candice here, and I’ve known for a while that I wanted to share Kate LeSueur’s home with you.  Mostly because she totally upended how I think about hosting, serving appetizers, and the like.  Mostly because she prepares food beautifully and casually.  Mostly because conversation with her is so easy.  Scroll through the beautiful photos below and be inspired by her inviting leather Chesterfield, marble top furniture that ushers in the spirit of New Orleans, and most of all, her hospitality.MH20150327-21

{Kate’s mismatched cane-bottom chairs and marble table takes me straight to a Louisiana bistro.}



{The photography above the couch are Kate’s originals.}



MH20150327-38{This afternoon, Kate served pickled carrots and made a batch of homemade potato chips for us to snack on with Campari Spritzers.}




{Here’s little peek of her latest work below and here:}





How did you find the space?

We found the space by just driving around the neighborhood.  We knew what part of town we wanted to be in, so we just persisted.  This old complex of 6 apartment units was built in the 50s.  They were being refurbished at the time, so we left our names and phone numbers on other tenants’ cars and doors with hopes of a call back.  We got super lucky.

What do you love about your space?

I love how quiet it is.  Walking in this neighborhood has yet to get old.  And it’s really a privilege to be able to so easily and quickly walk or bike to run errands or go grab a drink.  And, I love that it is where we are now, in so many ways.  It’s far from done, which can be difficult at times since we’re constantly over stimulated with social media and the internet — seeing everyone’s perfect nook, wall, room.It’s exhausting, frankly — the sense of urgency to have everything perfect now, how it’s hard to find originality, and largely, that it’s rare to see something that feels honest.  I’m guilty of it, trying to make things look perfect knowing it will be photographed – running around town trying to find new furniture, etc etc.  I quickly had to can that feeling not only because I had no luck in finding anything, but also remembered that a beautiful, personal space is collected slowly, created over much time.   I think a challenge also lies in that when one does creative work, there is sort of an expectation that every part of their life is perfectly curated.

Pretty please share that Campari Spritzer recipe!

We were outside of Venice once with a big group of friends and missed a train we hustled to catch.  So at the tiny station, we ordered Campari spritzers.  They served them with a big salty green Cerignola olive.  It was everything.  A favorite food memory for sure.  It’s just Campari and sparkling water.  And that green olive.

Give us your top entertaining tip.

People love potato chips.  And warmed olives.  They are the perfect easy bite with a good drink.  Both are great with a sprinkle of dried herbs de provence.  The more approachable you keep things (including yourself and your home), your guests are more comfortable and everyone is happier.

Stay on the look out for more of Kate’s work here on the blog – it’s coming soon!  And finally, thank you so much Kate for sharing your home, such an intimate space, with us.

Stunning house tour photographs by Minette Hand.

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When we moved into our house two and a half years ago, the first thing I wanted to do was install hardwoods. But overwhelmed with a move and a wedding we didn’t even know where to start. Do we drive over to Home Depot and walk down the aisles? Do we pull inspo from a magazine and call…..? I was seriously lost.

Over the years we freshened the wall color and styled a few rooms, but there were definitely updates we needed, and those hardwoods were still in the back of mind.

So when I learned that Hardwood Bargains would send flooring samples to my house for free, I began to realize that one of those updates might not be so out of reach financially OR logistically. With all of the resources at Hardwood Bargains (square footage calculator and a flooring specialist at my fingertips, just to name a few) we finally had a place to start.  I called my friend Laura over for a consult and a quick snack break to get started.



Laura works as an interior designer at Moontower Austin, whose design build projects range from large to (thankfully) very small.   These days work demands so much decision making that the last thing I have brain space for is my home, but it’s so important to me and I want a cohesive outcome.  That said, I always start projects by working with an interior designer.


After showing her photos, Laura identified the wood and plank size I liked so we could search Hardwood Bargains for similar styles. Apparently, I like oak (who knew?!) so using a simple navigation bar, I was able to select that specific wood and the search began.



Two options caught my attention – a lighter oak not too distant in tone from the light colored floors we currently have. My thinking here is that we wouldn’t have to change much else in the house because the color might read the same. Laura mentioned that when paired with modern furniture, white oak looks less rustic or shabby chic than one might expect.

The other option, a darker more classic choice, would truly transform our house. I’ve always believed that the floor can change a room and usually I recommend investing in a fabulous rugs. But hardwoods? Hardwood floors would bring a level of sophistication and timelessness.

hardwood optionsI ordered both samples (plus a few others that intrigued me!) from and can’t wait to get them in. And I want to know – have you ever installed hardwoods – or would you want to?  Do you have any tips?  I’d love to hear.

P.S. Here’s what I’m eager to switch up!


Perfect pics by Elaine Huang

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MH-20150325-93Alright y’all, Candice here and I’m giving away all my secrets today.  If you took our challenge to host, you know that inviting people into your home can be vulnerable, but it’s so worth it because friends around a dinner table create so much happiness in the world.  But you also know that preparing can be daunting so here’s our menu planning secret:  a good fajita recipe.


– 1 pound of beef

– 4 limes

– Bunch of cilantro

– 2 garlic cloves

– Cumin

– Salt & pepper (to taste)


1. First, marinate the meat the night before. But I don’t have time for that you say.  The truth is that you don’t have time to not marinade.  It takes less time than doing *almost* anything else and the pay off is huge – a no stress dinner with friends.

2. Cut a pound of beef into strips against the grain.

3. Whisk together the juice of the limes, a chopped bunch of cilantro and a couple of cloves of minced garlic.

4. Sprinkle cumin and salt and pepper to taste.

5. Put the beef and the marinade in a plastic bag and store in the icebox (do you know the word ice box or is that soooo Southern?) overnight.

6. One you are ready, take the deliciously marinated meat out of the icebox and grill it up!

7. While the grill is doing it’s stuff, heat up some charro beans in a large pot, and serve chips and salsa on the table.  Sipping margs, snacking on grilled corn and chips and salsa starts out a casual but delightful dinner. When the fajitas are ready, place fixings down the table – some fresh topped tomatoes and onions are simple but taste delicious.


Due to popular demand, we are bringing you entertaining mavens this DELICIOUS grilled corn recipe! Just print this page out and tape it up in your cabinet – it’s that good!


– One ear of corn per person

– Mayonnaise

– Sriracha

– Limes

– Cilantro

– Chili powder

– Salt & pepper (to taste)


1. Cut corn into thirds; add them to the grill first and they can serve as appetizers

2. Whisk together 1/4 cup mayonnaise, a large dollop of sriracha, and the juice of one lime.

3. To serve, gently pour the dressing over the grilled corn and sprinkle with cilantro and chili powder for an extra kick.  If you’ve got some left over parmesan, shake that one top too.



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