HOW TO DECORATE CUPCAKES like you went to pastry school

Question for you – are you a baker? I am trying so hard to become a really awesome baker, but I have to master the patience portion. With cooking, you can throw in a little of this & a little of that, a dash of something unexpected, and voila – you feel like Gordon Ramsey. With baking, there is so much precision and attention to detail – neither of which I have. In a decision to try and up my kitchen game, I signed up for the Windy City Dinner Fairy cupcake decorating class at Macy’s last week & would you believe it was a total blast?! It was free, delicious, and I learned some seriously valuable frosting tips! 
How to decorate cupcakes like you went to pastry school

Nicole from Windy City Dinner Fairy taught us how to decorate cupcakes with a piping bag. Have you ever used one? We got a set as a shower gift and I have barely broken it out, but thanks to some pro tips (like, make sure your frosting is room temperature before putting it into the bag otherwise the icing won’t go on smoothly) and I feel like I have kind of got the hang of it. 

How to decorate cupcakes like you went to pastry school

If you are like me & have no idea what you are doing, here is a basic guide:

Round Tips: for lines, dots, writing, filling, and thicker frosting

Open Star Tip: star shaped decorations & perfect to make the below hydrangea flower frosting effect

Closed Star Tip: rosettes

Basket-weave Tip: for lattices & ribbonlike lines and boarders

To make the awesome hydrangea cupcake frosting effect (like the cupcake below), fasten your open star tip to your piping bag, fill with room temperate icing, and squeezing slowly place a drop of icing starting from the outer rims moving inward. Feel free to go as high as you want to go or as wide. It’s your cupcake, so have a little fun with is!

How to decorate cupcakes like you went to pastry schoolSo, what do you think? Ready to try out your new cupcake decorating skills? For more information on Windy City Dinner Fairy visit Nicole’s Facebook page and for upcoming information on Macy’s events, click here. Happy decorating!

How to decorate cupcakes like you went to pastry schoolThis post is sponsored by Everywhere Agency on behalf of Macy’s; however, all thoughts and opinions are my own.