DIY Holiday Decor

Merry Christmas, Holiday babes! Get ready for a super simple and unique holiday DIY, perfect for last minute parties or adding fresh greenery to your home.

These minimal Christmas branch hangings came to be because my husband left me alone on a Sunday afternoon for about 20 minutes. Seriously, 20 minutes. I had purchased a bouquet of fresh greenery at the grocery store and started playing around with arranging them in a few different vases. I used items I had on hand and after hanging them above our couch, I added these Geometric Hanging Prisms. Voilà!

Tip: I was originally hoping to hang these from existing picture nails. However, we’ve rearranged our furniture a bit to make room for our Christmas tree, so the spacing didn’t quite work. T pins were the perfect solution because they barely leave a mark!

DIY Holiday Decor


1. Fresh greenery – I picked mine up at Kroger for about $5!

2. Floral sheers

3. Floral wire

4. Twine

5. T pins

6. Optional: Geometric Hanging Prisms or other ornaments

DIY Holiday DecorDIY Holiday DecorINSTRUCTIONS:

1. Choose two sturdy pieces of greenery to serve as your base. Trim the excess branches on the greenery about halfway from the bottom

2. Position the two branches in opposite directions, then wrap tightly with the floral wire

3. Add a second or third texture of greenery to each end for variation, again attaching with the floral wire

4. Tie desired length of twine to each end and double knot

5. Hang on wall using the T pins

6. Optional: add an ornament or hanging prism from the T pin for an extra touch!

DIY Holiday Decor

Photos by Jessica Gold Photography

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Winter is beautiful and all, don’t get me wrong, but there is something really wonderful about having a home full of fresh blooms. If you are like me, I am ready to show Winter what’s up and bring some Spring into our space a little early this year. Thanks to this easy, breezy DIY, you can have gorgeously fragrant blooms that will make you kiss those winter blues buh-bye. Plus, this five-step tutorial will leave you feeling like a total domestic goddess and it only takes 10 minutes.

Clean out that beautiful candle container (we are looking at you Volcano candles) or pick up a fun glass container from your local thrift store and make a beautiful centerpiece out of these paperwhite bulbs. Perfect for an entryway, dining room table, or kitchen counter, these bulbs bloom into the most fragrant flowers. Take that winter, we do what we want!



  • Relatively shallow glass container (3 to 4 inches works well). Feel free to use a long and low container for multiple bulbs, or a shallow tall container per bulb
  • Small to medium size stones
  • Bulbs



Gather your materials and collect your bulbs! When looking for bulbs, visit your local nursery and check to make sure they are healthy and mold free. The best bulbs will appear plump and won’t be flaking. Once you’ve got the right amount of bulbs you want to plant, store them in a brown paper bag in a cool, dry place until you are ready.


Rinse of your rocks in a colander to get any weird junk off. After you’ve washed them off, fill your container two-thirds of the way full. Leave approximately 1/2 inch to 1 inch between the rim on the container and the top layer of rocks.

fEv9G1rXpVLMA5oBbLl060QsY6x1OXTo_PSilS-huco,007GflkSOT9Lkq-cQyXlaan3xhD7OYLIC51nMElaqrcSTEP THREE:

Arrange your bulbs on the top layer of rocks. I think bulbs look better when they bloom when they are closer together, so I recommend leaving no more than an inch in between bulbs. Add an additional layer of rocks to secure bulbs in place.


Pour water in the container until it reaches the top layer of rocks. Maintain the water at this level so it only touches the bottom of the bulbs.


Set your fabulous, newly planted container in front of a sunny window and water often. Remember, never let the water touch the bulb – it will get root rot and all funky. Once the bulbs start to bloom, move them out of direct sunlight.




photography by Belen Aquino


Floating Shelves DIY-14Candice here!  I’m down in South Mexico buying for a handful of special clients – if you need a little inspiration for Monday morning, I hope you’ll follow along!  But first I want to know – how are you liking the interiors column?  Are you interested? Intrigued? Today, I think we’re going to hook you for life!

We’re kicking off a new DIY series over here on the column — but with a twist.  While I enjoy crafts in theory, those kind how-to’s just never did it for me because I didn’t actually have the time to go to the craft store and pick up specific tools and papers and paints.  But I’ve always paid close attention when someone breaks down their secrets and I can learn a trick or two.

And today we’re doing just that!

Floating Shelves DIY-06Meet Caroline Brewer.  Her blog first caught my eye because I’d been wrestling with the poster bed in our guest room and this post demystified everything.  Caroline’s style in particular is simple, but incredibly thoughtful

A few weeks ago, I asked her if she’d share a few more secrets, and she said yes!  First up  is a real challenge – how to style floating shelves.  To be honest, her steps are so easy and intuitive that they can be used for just about any space – the top of your chest of drawers, your desk, or a side table.  I can’t wait to get back home and give our bookcases a much needed facelift.

Now I’m going to hand it over to Caroline – take it away!Floating Shelves DIY-08

 Step 1:

First, it is important to start with a blank canvas. Remove the excess and start with a clean slate.

Floating Shelves DIY-01

Step 2:

Choose your anchor pieces. I started with 4 uniquely different pieces of art, each piece feeling substantial. To avoid it feeling too staged place each piece of art on a different section of the shelves, creating direction and movement. After placing the anchor pieces I layer in the rest of the art. None of the art is actually hung, which makes it easy to switch things out and keep the space feeling fresh and new over time.
Floating Shelves DIY-02
Floating Shelves DIY-03
Floating Shelves DIY-05

Step 3:

Add in fun accessories. I always choose interesting conversation pieces. I love to pull things from my travels that have interesting stories. One of my favorite things on the floating shelves is the dark room timer. My husband is a photographer so when I found this vintage treasure it was especially fun!
Floating Shelves DIY-05 (1)

Step 4:

Add something living. This step can really take your space to the next level and is my favorite part! Adding something green can help lead your eye from the top of the space to bottom. I normally add both a potted plant as well as fresh cuts.
Floating Shelves DIY-10

Step 5:

Add the finishing touches. Take a moment to step back and asses your shelves. Ask yourselves questions about balance and proportion. The shelves had quite a few statement pieces, but needed some accent accessories so I added the small quirky animals, tee-pee incense burner and vintage red dice. Also, there needed to be something to ground the shelves. A basket full of blankets did the trick!
Floating Shelves DIY-11
Floating Shelves DIY-12
Thank you so much, Caroline!  We couldn’t have asked for an easier way to make home a little more beautiful.

Floating Shelves DIY-13

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airstream1Hellloooo people!  I’m super excited to start this journey with you today and a big thank you to Lauren for letting me crash her beautiful site. To introduce myself, my name is Celine & I live in Austin TX with my amazing husband and 2 little pups- Archie & Minnie. I’m an oncologist and absolutely love what I do, but deep inside, I have a serious case of wanderlust. One of my dreams is to road-trip in a trailer with no fixed itinerary.

My husband and I are big travelers, and our favorite trip we took this year was to Iceland.  The island is absolutely spectacular, breathtakingly scenic, clean, safe, and entirely navigable in 2 weeks. We drove and camped around the entire island in our Kuku camper (if you go to Iceland, this is truly the way to see it).  We would drive as much as we wanted one day, then stop for the night, posting up at the base of some spectacular waterfall.

kuku camper

While the island itself was incredible, the element that was most fun and exciting was the camping.  Growing up in urban, central Houston, I never camped, much less went outside.  No, my childhood was spent roaming the floors of the Houston Galleria mall.  During this trip to Iceland, I discovered my serious love for camping.

Now, I am using the term “camping” very loosely.  This little van was converted so that there was a full sleeping area, and a small kitchen/pantry… quite genius really.  I appreciated not having to set up camp every night, especially when it was raining.  I loved watching movies on the iPad while snuggled up in the camper van.  Yup, you can take the girl out of the city…

So I realized that it is really glamping that I like.  I love the freedom of road-tripping, stopping on a whim, and having comfortable surroundings for the night. When we returned home from Iceland, I knew immediately that I wanted to get a trailer so we could do more local road trips.

The king of all trailers is the Airsteam. How can you not love this?airstream2 airstream3 airstream4

The beauty! The freedom! The luxe! Mandi from Vintage Revivals just did an extraordinary renovation of The Nugget.vintagerevivals1

FotorCreated2I have always loved this trailer that was featured on Design Sponge.

FotorCreated1Or this luxe one from the New York Times.

FotorCreatedUmmm yeah. Amaaaaazzzzing. I want that magic! We found our trailer, an Airstream Argosy, and we’re ready to start the dream!


Rather than the beautiful shiny Aluminum exterior, it has a painted retro-licious exterior.  We will beautify that soon enough…

It also has kick ass huge, panoramic windows. But first the inside! And the ugly…FotorCreated4

I have a very specific vision for the trailer – modern desert chic. This combines bohemian flair with mid-century sensibility; the chicness of Marfa, while preserving the comfort and nostalgia of camping glamping.

And there will most certainly be some aqua. Unless you have been living under a rock, I am sure you have you noticed the serious boho trend that pervades all current fashion and interior design. Lots of geometric shapes and ethnic textiles.Untitled

This influence is evident throughout my home. I’m so excited to share the highs and the expected lows of this renovation with you. (Because I know there will certainly at some point, be some serious lows.)

Here is my first moodboard: Note- this is all subject to change. I “design” on the fly.

mood board

The first order of business will be some major quality time with a brush and white paint, and some minor demo. Thanks for reading and hope to see you back here next time when I’ll be discussing my in-depth plans for the bathroom.

For small updates on my progress, check back later or  jump over to my instagram!




With Halloween just days away, those of us without costumes are starting to stress a little over what to dress up as. Whether you don’t want to spend your hard earned cash on a costume, or maybe got invited to a party last minute, here are 3 Halloween makeup tutorials that can be done in under an hour!


imageCat makeup is a classic Halloween style which can easily be done in just a few minutes. Chances are you already have every product you need in your cosmetics bag!imageStep 1.

Prep your face as usual with foundation, bronzer/ blush, brows, etc. Take a white eyeliner and apply to the inner corners of your eyes and along your bottom lashes.

MMLZ2OZEy57CeKi--lxulG0uy1_1taPG4oQyovCgeTIStep 2.

Apply your cat eye skills and create a dramatic winged effect with black eye liner of choice.

B7PfBjDkUyw8BcCdxF4t_uCzRi2kxcjkZs8S5410KAkStep 3.

Apply mascara to top and bottom lashes. For a more dramatic effect, add in some false eyelashes.


Draw on your nose and whisker spots with eyeliner. Make sure not to wipe your face while partying!


Step 5.

Add a colored gloss, rough up your hair a bit and slip into your favorite black dress!



bQEpMkb8MGFVC8DYStFkhCNPlX7K5c_G5iu_jX4KpHABold lips, dark eyes, and messy finger waves will have you looking like you just stepped out of a speak-easy this Halloween! Dressing as a 1920’s Flapper is a fun way to pull out all those bold pigmented makeup products you’ve been dying to use!rtgmQdqKLggcxpMQwHSrdnlFJzyCrcJTvGGp86e_HCYStep 1.

Prep your face as usual with moisturizer and foundation. When filling in your brows, go for a more rounded look rather than arched, and elongate the tail of your brow a bit longer than usual.

xy2UzyfxfaiURAxx4H0bT-T0SWoL9qCOD5MobjnCBUkStep 2.

Sweep a bright blush on the tops of your cheekbones up into the hair line. Avoid the apples of your cheeks!

hWI2YTJevvm3qfDeFqLpCGtG-faSlFOCXynjRkcko-IStep 3.

Taking a darker eyeshadow, apply all over your eyelid, focusing on the inner crease. Basically the opposite of how you apply your shadow now.

jIaw8WMkFcaoBf0Q1I4XNhC83c-akzb7Dq36ERm8QJwStep 4.

Sweep your eyeshadow on your bottom lids, apply mascara, and false eyelashes.

i1ubnmKcZTgbYAdLFGcivwtjWFb7HBeNWHlIXxlAbpAStep 5.

Curl your hair and brush out. Next, shape your hair into waves, one by one, using bobby pins or clips. Hair spray the crap out of it, and let it set for about 15 minutes until dry. Remove the pins and loosely comb with your fingers.

5O28povpHDN0imuwT3HYSVIWlaHovzlcdXA3_bt6_vsStep 6.

Apply lip color in a heart shape avoiding the corners of your mouth. Think Betty Boop! Add a sparkly headband, some pearls and a midi dress for a complete Flapper look!


Uz2BmG_uy4v5LRt07hI2R1AZBmsVGyfjt62TrjsDHSwKeep the Halloween Spirit alive by doing your makeup as a spooky – yet sexy – ghost! All you’ll need is some white and black face paint.

EJSE2HzpG3xHY91QKbDjcKw6GnnXXM52w7OijfiHaMAStep 1.

Apply your eye and brow makeup from the flapper tutorial. Next, smooth white paint all over the rest of your face.

iNhoWEhhpGwDVvWuGu-s4VFb-gif1CJSLg6UurB7IIEStep 2.

Using the black paint, contour along your cheek bones and temples and blend in. Tease your hair into a funky, messy style away from your face.

xFd4b6RLko9dalMfciMDUw5p3BfSDKxYbriDO0X-XCAStep 3.

Spread the white paint back into your hair and top with baby powder for a dusted look. Pair with a white dress and dead look for a great haunting effect!

Planning on using any of these makeup tutorials? Tag @laurenkelp in your photos and use the hashtag #LKbeauty so we can check out your magnificent work!

Screen Shot 2014-10-20 at 5.02.25 PM