GALS0013Let’s be real, Valentine’s Day kind of gets a bad wrap. Between the overpriced flowers and prix fixe dinners, it can get a little out of control. Not to mention, there is all this hype, so the pressure is on to do something amazing & spectacular (cause you have to post about it, duh).

Well, we think that’s all a little exhausting and no one likes an evening full of expectations and over priced food, so instead, we are taking the reigns back and making this holiday fun again! Whether you are single, married, tinder-ing, or just really into cats, you have fabulous girl friends in your life that deserve celebrating, right?!

RIGHT! So, we are brushing past the weirdness that Valentine’s Day can bring, and inviting the ladies over for a little Galentine’s Day celebration! Bust out the Rosé, the cheese boards, and the friendship, because we are showing you how to throw a Galentine’s Day brunch even Leslie Knope would be proud of!
GALS0025TIP ONE: Get All of the Rosé

It wouldn’t be a proper gal party without the appropriate beverages and for this bash, we are all about the Rosé. Allegedly, some people aren’t crazy about Rosé, but I think that’s because they haven’t had the right variety. We recently discovered the Grand Reserve Rosé and cannot get enough of it! It’s perfectly pink, refreshingly crisp, and impresses everyone we serve it to. If that isn’t an impressive calling card, I don’t know what is.

Make sure to go online & order it here. Also, if I were you, I would stock up on a few extra bottles. It tends to go quickly & it’s so good, you’ll want it on hand at all times!

PRO TIP: I love stocking up on raspberries or pears and adding a few to each glass. It’s acts as a classy way to determine whose wine is whose & it’s a delicious treat at the end.

GALS0005TIP TWO: Create a Relaxed Menu

No need to stress when figuring out what to serve the gals, we’ve got just the thing! As you all know, we love a good cheese board, but it’s important to have variety when entertaining. We recommend grabbing a bunch of goodies (think berries, nuts, pretzels, charcuterie, cheese, crackers, you name it!) and putting them all in a central location. Whether it’s on a board (or two) on the coffee table, or in various bowls and dishes around the kitchen island, the food will determine where people hang out so plan accordingly.

The key to a good spread is having lots of fun options but one (fabulous) main event. We are obsessed with this honey baked Camembert because it’s just the right about of sweet (thanks to the honey) but perfectly savory (from the garlic & sea salt). It’s truly what cheese board dreams are made of & couldn’t be easier!

PRO TIP: Bookmark, print, write-down, or screen shot this honey baked Camembert recipe because it is an entertaining gem. Two minutes of prep and a 15 minute bake time and you will look like a regular old Martha Stewart 😉

GALS0028TIP THREE: Ditch the Decorations

Let’s be real, no one needs fancy decorations to have a good time. Plus, we would rather spend that money on an extra bottle of Rosé or fun cards to write silly loves notes in. Give the house a good tidy, fluff the pillows, put on a fun playlist and let your friends do the rest.

The main ingredients to a great party are the right libations, a variety of food, and a good atmosphere. It’s really that simple! If you feel like making the evening slightly more themed, grab some fun cards (or heck, make them yourself!) and write little love notes to your gal pals. Everyone loves getting mail that isn’t a bill, so give your friends a little confidence boost, a reminder why you love them, and something to totally show off on their desk at work. 

GALS0032Three tips to throwing the perfect Galentine’s Day brunch & it couldn’t be easier, right?! Remember, the best part is getting the gals together and having a great time. With great wine & best friends, it’s the perfect pairing!

We would love to see your Galentine’s Day bash! Make sure to tag @laurenkelp & @kjwines on Instagram to show off your mad entertaining skills.


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IMG_0203well, happy Friday my little babe-trons! Before you get your weekend plans all settled & made, might I suggest making room to host a little babes brunch? I’ve been out of town a bunch this month and I wanted an excuse to get all my favorite gals together & what better way to do that than with brunch & bloody marys?! v8_3IMG_0068 v8_1Everyone’s favorite bloody mary mixer (Original V8, no doubt) & whipped up some fun variations. We made the Chicago-style & other fun combos! If you follow us on Instagram, you might remember that we threw a similar get-together with the Bloody Mary Society, and it was so fun we wanted to do it again! This time, no boys allowed 😉 IMG_0420 v8_4

Brunch is one of my favorite gatherings to throw because the prep work is easy & there is way less clean up! Plus, it’s a ridiculously fun way to start off a day. We set up a fun bloody bar, stocked with our favorite hot sauces, mustards, skewer fixings, and different spices for the rim & it was a hit!

Customization is the key to a successful bar – no matter if it’s bloodys, desserts, or breakfast. Everyone likes to customize, spice things up, and have a little fun – so why not allow them to do so?!
v8_5IMG_0468 v8_6As for the menu, easy breezy! I whipped up some of our favorite brunch foods & voila – brunch was served. When it comes to the menu, don’t over think it! If it’s easier to swing by your local store and pick up a few things from the deli so it cuts down on your prep time in the morning, I say – why not! Really, if you’ve got a good group of friends & a stocked bloody bar, the brunch takes care of itself. IMG_0085 IMG_0166 IMG_0332So, what to you say? Inspired to get the gals together and host a fun babes brunch? If so, we are dying to see! Tag us & #bloodymarysociety so we can follow along & celebrate a good time with you!IMG_0380 IMG_0465

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