There are lots of reasons to love Leslie Knope from Parks & Rec, but I think the standing O goes to her for coining the phrase “Galentine’s Day.” Maybe I totally live under a rock, but that is the first time I had hear of it and it was the perfect excuse to get the gals together, celebrate them as the magical unicorns they are, and throw a little party!
This year (because, don’t worry, Galentine’s Day has become an annual event) we decided to do something casual and classy. We kicked off our shoes, slipped on our Birdies, and settled in for a non-stop afternoon of catch-up. It was the absolute highlight of my month!

Have you ever made a breakfast board? It’s the easiest thing & my new favorite way to arrange breakfast goodies. We cleared the coffee table, threw down a runner, and piled cheese boards full of homemade grapefruit donuts, the most delicious cranberry & orange scones from Simply Taylor‘s cookbook Real Food, Real Simple, tons of fruit, and other goodies sprinkled throughout.

It was the absolute perfect Galentine’s Day spread! This way, the gals can nibble, munch, and graze all morning long and brunch slowly turns into lunch so the party never stops.

We had a mimosa bar on a side table & several of bottles of wine placed throughout the room (for easy access, duh) and it was the easiest, no-fuss party I think I’ve ever thrown!

Give it a try – I promise, it will be the best party you’ve had in a long time! Happy Hosting, LK