Processed with VSCOcam with b4 presetOkay, babes, we are in for a real treat today! As an adult Halloween can get a little…iffy, but thanks to our stellar Beauty Editor Breann, we are kicking off the first (of many!) adorable, totally-doable, office friendly halloween makeup tutorials! First up, the classic Twiggy! – xoxo, LK

October is finally here! It seems like fall is in full force as all the pumpkins begin to arrive at local markets and my pantry becomes stocked with bags of fun size Reese’s! Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. I love dressing up and having the opportunity to experiment with new makeup, hairstyles, and costumes. For the entire month, I will be sharing a new Halloween look every week with tutorials! To kick us off in the right spirit, I wanted to start with a super easy makeup look that anyone can pull off with the products currently in your cosmetic bag.

Twiggy has long been a major icon in the modeling world, and a symbol from the swinging 60’s! This look is perfect for anyone who needs a last minute costume, or simply doesn’t want to spend too much time getting ready for a party.


To start, you’ll want to do your face makeup as usual by applying foundation, filling in brows, and concealing under your eyes.


Skip the bronzer and sweep a peachy blush across the apples of your cheeks.


Next, apply some black eyeliner across your lids near the lash line. Instead of curving up like a cat eye, you’ll direct the curve downward slightly. Following this step, you’ll want to apply a line with either your liner or black eyeshadow along the crease of your eye from the inner corner to the outside.


Apply false eyelashes if needed, then take your liner and apply little lines mimicking lower eyelashes along your bottom lid.


Top off with faux freckles (I used my gel brow filler), and a touch of some sweet pink gloss.


For your hair, simply take a deep side part and slick back into a tight bun. That is unless you really want to commit and get a pixie haircut!


You could easily pair this look with a simple sheath dress and bold jewelry, or pay homage to Twiggy’s London roots like I did with a classic trench coat! You know the drill – try it out & tag us! We (seriously!) would love to see your Twiggy looks, so make sure to use #LKBeauty and/or tag @laurenkelp

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Stay tuned this entire month for more Halloween Hair and Makeup Tutorials!

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With Father’s Day around the corner, a few of us may be stressing over what to get the men in our lives to celebrate. Whether it’s our own dad’s, the father of our children (in my case our children consist of two dogs), or a close friend or family member, I feel like guys in general are difficult to shop for. They either say, “don’t get me anything, I’d rather save the money” or “I want the most expensive product at the Apple store that we obviously can’t afford”. Narrowing down the perfect gift for these great men in our lives can be a serious struggle.

Since I started writing for Lauren Kelp, this column has primarily focused around women’s beauty. I love gathering tips and rounding up tutorials for all you lady friends, but what about the guys? Sure, we don’t have very many men clicking a link to “the best braids for summer”, but for lots of guys, skin and haircare is important too! (Though they might never admit it!) A while ago, I bought my husband a few men’s products from Flora Apothecary. I was nervous about how he would react to using products that were all natural, but to both of our surprise, he absolutely loves them!  So without any further adieu, I’d like to share a few of my husband’s favorite Flora Apothecary products! Any of these would make a great addition to a Father’s Day gift, and I’m here to tell you why!


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Flora Apothecary’s Beard Oil is numero uno on this list of great men’s products. These days, it’s rare to find a gentleman without facial hair. Beards have made a huge comeback, and it’s no question why. THEY’RE MANLY! However, keeping face scruff in tip-top condition is something all men should be doing. Just like the hair on your head, it’s important to keep beards cleaned and conditioned. To quote my husband “Guys don’t compliment each other’s looks often. However, a beard is one thing a dude can compliment another dude on, and it’s not weird at all.” This Beard Oil keeps the hair moisturized, and can help tame a lot of the craziness of facial hair. It’s best used directly out of the shower – just a few drops should do the trick!

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I don’t know about you ladies, but most of the men in my life are not product junkies like myself. They don’t deal with all the frills of body wash, scrubs, lotions and so on. Most dudes like soap and that’s it. The Gent’s Body Soap is a great choice for the simple man. What I love most about this product is the scent! I can’t stand super strong men’s soaps or cleansers. The scent in this soap is light, but has just the right masculine touch. Not to mention, it’s made with all natural ingredients like shea butter, guaranteed to moisturize men’s skin to what’s needed.


Lastly, let’s not forget some shaving soap. For guys who shave regularly, like my dad, rock just a mustache, or need to clean up the beard areas, having a good shave soap is key. The Shave Soap doesn’t dry out the skin (thanks to some handy-dandy coconut oil), and provides a great barrier between the skin and razor. Not to mention, using the brush to lather and apply will leave him feeling nostalgic and super cool.

Plan on getting any of the men in your life one of these products from Flora Apothecary for Father’s Day?Snap a pic and tag us on Instagram / Twitter with @laurenkelp and #LKbeauty.

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IMG_3501.JPGLike most women, I love having my nails done. There’s an odd satisfaction in looking down as you type on the computer or point to an item on a menu and seeing freshly lacquered nails. When I really feel like treating myself, a mani-pedi is always first on the list. However, I am still a girl on a budget. When it comes right down to it, most of the time I’d rather spend that $25 on something less frivolous. I really can’t afford to be finding myself at the nail salon every other week, so what’s a girl to do? Well my friends, we learn to do it ourselves! Today I’m going teach you how to nail the at home manicure!IMG_3487.JPG

You’ll need:

Cotton Balls

Nail Polish Remover

Nail File

Nail Buffer

Nail Polish

Masking or Washi tape

Top Coat



Start with removing any polish from your nails. Putting polish over existing color will result in an uneven painted surface, and really look sloppy, even if it’s the same color.



Next file and buff your nails. Feel free to use a nail clipper if your nails are long and you don’t feel like filing them down for the next 20 minutes. I like to file the tops of my nails in a natural, rounded shape, but feel free to do square or pointed if that’s your jam! I always recommend using a buffer as well. This creates a rough surface for the polish to really stick to, similar to sanding down a car or piece of wood before you paint it.



Now painting, the toughest part of all. You’ll want to make sure you don’t have lacquer dripping off the brush. Trying to paint the nail in one fell sweep will typically result in a huge mess. When I was in cosmetology school, we learned that painting the nail in three strokes will result in a very clean nail, with very little possibility of it running over to the skin. Simply brush from the nail bed to the tip, up the middle, in one stroke. Repeat in the same direction on both sides. If you need a second coat, finish all your nails, then return to the first one. You’ll want to let them dry a bit between coats so the paint doesn’t clump up.



Just for fun, I decided to do a little design. Since it’s spring, I want to incorporate a little color into my life, and there’s no better way to do so than through my manicure. I wanted to go for a geometric look, so after I painted my nails with the base color and let it dry completely, I used washi tape to create the pattern. I prefer masking/ washi tape over scotch because the adhesive is less strong, meaning it won’t pull up the polish from my base coat when I peel it off. When using two colors, keep in mind you always want make the lightest coat your base color. Similar to painting your walls, the base color will serve as a primer and make the second color really pop.




Once both colors have dried, finish off your mani with a nice top coat to seal the deal and keep your fresh color from chipping. Now relax with some Netflix and ask your better half if they’ll whip up some dinner while your nails dry. Try to avoid putting your hands in warm water, like doing dishes or showering, for a few hours to prevent your polish from peeling up.



Plan on trying any of these tips for an at-home manicure? Tag us on Instagram/ Twitter with @laurenkelp and #LKbeauty.

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IMG_6700Open up your Pinterest account and you’re sure to find one thing every time: Contouring Tutorials. The art of defining your cheekbones, giving your nose a thinner appearance, and basically trying to look like Kim Kardashian seems to be all the rage. Given the right circumstances, I think contouring is a really cool way to apply your makeup. There are certainly a lot of benefits, but there are also a lot of reasons why I don’t do it myself. Today, I want to share 3 reasons why you really don’t need to be contouring your face.



When we think of celebrities like Kim Kardashian, who is a master of contouring, we of course try to think of all the ways we can replicate her same look. The difference between Mrs. West and us is that she is constantly in front of the camera, and well, we are not. For someone who is being photographed every day and in optimal lighting, it makes sense to contour. For a gal like me who works most days in office lighting or outdoors, all you will see when you look at my face is the caked on makeup. When I meet a new person, the last thing I want them to notice is how much makeup I’m wearing.

Another thing to consider is the time it takes to apply everything. When I take the time to contour, get everything on my face, blend it in, and still put my mascara on, I’m already about 20 minutes into my makeup routine. Most of us are busy and on the go – dedicating so much time to having sharper cheekbones just isn’t going to fly.

The truth is, contouring is not realistic for every day wear. Save those tips and tricks for actual photos, or in the evening when you’ll be in dim or flattering lighting.



Contouring requires using a lot of makeup, and when I say a lot, I mean A LOT. On top of the contouring products, you are usually adding a top layer of setting powder, bronzer and blush. That’s a lot of makeup sitting on your skin for extended periods of time. Putting that much on your face everyday is not only preventing your skin from being able to breathe, it’s also clogging your pores. If you’re looking for a bit of facial definition without the layers upon layers of makeup, opt for a tinted moisturize and a dusting of bronzer and blush.


Perhaps the biggest reason to not contour is because once you do it, you don’t really look like yourself. Last week, I saw a master contour makeup artist take over a large beauty retailer’s Instagram account for a day. She showed several “how to contour” photos and videos. What was interesting about the takeover is in the majority of the comments readers mentioned one of two things: One – they thought she looked prettier without the contouring. Two – once the contouring was done she looked like a completely different person.

I am definitely a supporter of drawing attention to your more flattering features, but I am not a fan of changing your appearance all together. Heavy contouring gives you the nose you weren’t born with and the jawline you wish you had. To me, it’s a way of hiding behind makeup instead of embracing who you truly are.

As women, there’s already enough pressure on us to be perfect housekeepers, successful in our lines of work, and just have all our ducks in a row. The last thing we need is to change our appearances to fit the mold of what society says is beautiful. We are each unique and absolutely gorgeous in our own ways – and we don’t need heavy contouring to prove it. Makeup is such a wonderful tool we can use to play up our best features and have fun with, but it shouldn’t be at the cost of sacrificing who you really are. Keep in mind that less really is more. Beauty isn’t defined by makeup tutorials and hair how-to’s. It is found in the confident woman who holds her head up high and says, “this is me, take me as I am.”


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IMG_3236.JPGMost of us do not wash our hair everyday. There’s several reasons why, but the number one excuse seems to be: Ain’t nobody got time for that.

As much as I love having my hair blown out, I have neither the time or patience to do it every morning. It’s time consuming, and to be honest, I hold off washing my hair as long as I possibly can. I know I am not alone in my laziness. So bust out your dry shampoo and bottles of baby powder, because today I’m sharing 3 ways to rock no wash hairstyles!


The first day of no washing is usually leftover from blowing it out the day before. All I need to do is spray a little dry shampoo on the roots, then touch up a few pieces with a curling iron for volume and texture.




The second day of no washing is some sort of braided style. Sometimes I’ll use my five minute french braid tutorial, or do a braided crown. Again, I spray the roots with some dry shampoo, and maybe do a bit of back combing for some lift.



The third day is typically the very last before I absolutely need to wash my hair again. I’ll start with spraying lots of dry shampoo on my roots again. After that, I round brush the top section of my hair to get a bit of volume, and also prevent the greasy-stuck-to-your-scalp look. I then part my hair on either the side or down the middle and brush back into a sleek bun. It makes me feel like Jenna Lyons!

IMG_3224.JPGPlan on trying out these styles in between washes? Snap a pic and tag us on Instagram & Twitter with @laurenkelp and #LKbeauty!

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IMG_3081.JPGAfter weeks of Lauren talking up a storm about Epsom Salts, I decided I would finally give them a whirl and see what all the fuss was about. After trying them out a few different ways, I finally understand the hype. I also discovered that I can’t live without them now! Today I’m sharing five ways you can introduce Epsom Salts into your beauty routines. So draw yourself a bath and queue up the Netflix, it’s time for a detox.

1. Detox Bath

One of the main things Epsom Salts are used for are baths. This day in age, we are constantly surrounded by toxins. They’re in the air we breathe, the food we eat, and commonly absorbed through the body’s biggest organ, our skin. Epsom salt aids in drawing out toxins, and has several other additional benefits of it’s own. When we submerge ourselves in warm water, it opens our pores, allowing the salts to draw out all the icky stuff. After taking a long soak about 3 times a week with Epsom salt, I found that many of my usual aches and pains from sitting at a desk all day gradually subsided. On top of that, I sleep a little bit deeper and feel like I can breathe a lot better. Simply draw yourself a hot bath, add 2-3 cups of Epsom salt, a few drops of your favorite essential oil (I love the Serenity blend from DoTerra), and soak for about 20 minutes. Be sure to stand up slowly when getting out and drink a glass of water afterward.


2. Hair Care

Epsom salt is great for removing build up and helping tame oily scalps. I have been pretty lazy about washing my hair this season, so when I reach that point in the week where I cannot go one more day without washing, I find myself using up a ton of shampoo. To avoid having to shampoo twice (or three times if you’re me!) simply add a dash of epsom salt to the shampoo in your hand and massage into your scalp avoiding the ends of your hair. The salt will help absorb and clean away all the excess oil, leaving you with a fresh head of hair. Be sure to follow up with a good conditioner so your ends don’t get too dried out!


3. Foot Soak / Scrub

If you guys are anything like me, the dry winter air has really taken it’s toll on my feet. My heels have gotten pretty scaly, which my husband does not appreciate being rubbed on his feet at night trying to get warm! Simply soak your feet in a tub of warm water with one cup of Epsom salt. This will not only remove odors, but soften any callouses. You can also mix with a bit of coconut oil to use as a scrub! I recommend adding a few drops of peppermint essential oil to the soak or scrub to make sure your toes stay minty fresh!


4. Blackhead Buster

Having blackheads around my nose and chin has been something I have always struggled with. While a lot of over the counter skin care products and regular exfoliation help with the appearance of blackheads, nothing has really ever gotten rid of them… until now. I mixed a dash of epsom salt with a bit of honey and lemon juice and rubbed the solution into my problem areas. After doing this about 3 times a week I can see a huge improvement not only in the appearance of my skin, but also the texture!


5. Buh-Bye Bloating!

Ladies, we all get a bit bloated once in a while. I absolutely hate those mornings I wake up and feel like none of my clothes look or fit right because I am a little bit more round than usual. One teaspoon of Epsom salt dissolved in a glass of water (then chugged because it tastes like crap) can help alleviate constipation by acting as a natural laxative. This will help reduce the bloated look, as well as settle your stomach. With swimsuit season coming up, you’ll be ready in no time!

Plan on incorporating Epsom salt into your daily beauty routine? Snap a pic and tag us on Instagram/ Twitter with @LaurenKelp and #LKbeauty!

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