I am a big believer in creating good energy in your home, because truthfully, it helps me stay balanced. My personality is a MASSIVE introverted extrovert, meaning, I love people, I love hanging out and doing things, but they don’t fill me up. I get filled up by being at home, reading books, gardening, or (no surprise here) taking a bath. So when my day is filled with extroverted activities, it is really important for me to come home to a space that is clean, quiet, and filled with good vibes.

Actively working to create a space with good vibes is something that is crucial to my mental health and a little habit that really helps my self care practice. For you, it might mean burning incense or using smudge sticks – both are awesome & if that works for you, don’t change – but for me, it is slightly more involved.


Doesn’t this sound like I am a cheesy mall photographer trying to upsell you on a package? I promise, it’s nothing as creepy as that…

For me, creating moments means having little spots around the house where I can instantly sit back and relax. Most of the time it involves trays. I don’t really know why, maybe it’s because my slightly type-A brain loves the organization and compartmentalizing aspect of trays…either way, trays are the trick to moments.

For example, I always have a tray sitting on my coffee table with a candle, matches, and some reading material. This allows me to sit down on the sofa, light the candle, grab a magazine, and relax without any prep work. My brain is tired from making decisions all day, so this is an easy, decision free way to just take a break from things for a bit.

Naturally, I get all the best trays in my house and candles in my house from Marshalls, because a) they are AMAZING and b) fantastically affordable. This little round guy is perfect for outdoor entertaining and the Peony Petal candle is my absolutle favorite. Every time I go to Marshalls I stock up on as many as they have. I have a whole shelf in my office dedicated to this candle…no joke. My husband thinks I am insane, but I like to think that our house smells like a magic English house in the country, so…worth it.



This could also be called “Manage Clutter Well” but soothing visuals made this tip sound more zen and important some how, so let’s roll with it. Okay, so what the F does “soothing visuals” mean? Well, young padawan, let me explain…

Your brain processing a million pieces of information a day and there are about a katrillion things vying for your attention at any given moment, so part of my good vibe practice is to create a space that is soothing, relaxing, and doesn’t need anything from me.

Again, I like color and organization so organizing my bookshelf by color is weirdly cathartic for my mind. Every morning when I spread out the various piles, paperwork, and nonsense I have to get through in a day, it is nice to have this colorful wall to look up at and space out on.

For you, that might mean sparse bookshelves, a gallery wall, a cabinet full of plants, it could be any or all of those things, but try setting it up in a room you are frequently in.

I also love filling my bookshelves with little trinkets from trips, items that make me smile, and all of the plants. Honestly, if I could live in a greenhouse I would be thrilled. Elated actually, but that is besides the point.

On a recent trip to my favorite store (cough cough Marshalls) I found those three blue and white Chinoiserie vases – aren’t they cool? They add some height and drama to the shelves without being loud or trendy. Plus, I can move them to my dining room table to spruce things up, or in various other places in the house when I get the itch to rearrange (which is daily, mind you). That big guy on the right was under $50, can you believe? Run, go get them, right now, GO, we will wait…



In case you need to brush up on your Danish terms, hygge is the latest word en vogue that means “to comfort” or “to console” and has become synonymous with a coziness. It was a huge word this year & everyone starting ditching the bar scene for a more self care friendly night in. Where we mad about it? No. Has it worked it’s way into our nightly routine? Absolutely.

Basically, I try to make my living room as comfortable as possible. We’ve got books stacked on almost every available surface (in a chic, no cluttered way of course), candles are always within an arms reach, and everything basically begs you to sit down, unplug, and recharge. Also, this is a phone free zone in our house. While our TV is hanging on the opposite wall, we try to leave our phones on the dining room table, so when we are in the living room, we spend time together. That could mean watching a movie, binge watching a show, or snuggling, reading, or just catching up on our days.

It’s amazing and I totally suggest instituting a tech free zone of your house. Try it for a week and watch what happens. You’ll be amazed.

Part of making a room cozy is having places to rest your cup of tea, a book, or a candle and these stools (again from Marshalls, again in amazing blue and white) are beyond perfect. They are roughly 24″ tall, so the perfect height for a sofa or a chair, blend in nicely with almost any decorating style, and easily under $100. I loved them so much I bought two extra ones to use as our bedside tables – OBSESSED.


Thanks to Marshalls for sponsoring this post.


YOUR BOOK CLUB WILL LOVE WHEN YOU HOST easy spring tablescapes with Marshalls

Are you in a book club? I just joined one and, let’s be honest, it’s more of a wine club but HEY I support reading and drinking, so it all works out. Last week it was my turn to host and I totally lost it. I had no idea what to do! Should it be themed? Should I make a dish relevant to the narrative? Why am I stressing so hard about this book club thing? THIS IS TOTALLY MY FIRST BOOK CLUB GET-TOGETHER AND NOW EVERYONE KNOWS IT. 

Your Book Club will Love When You Host via Lauren KelpSide note, I’ve really been into ‘Greenery’ as the Pantone color of the year. Mainly because it gives me an excuse (like I need one) to buy more plants & work towards my dream of living in a greenhouse, but also because it’s like a genre of colors. Not one specific shade, but more greenery in general. It’s like, anything kinda, slightly, potentially green-ish, maybe, if you want. I love it! 
Your Book Club will Love When You Host via Lauren Kelp

Okay, back to book club. So I was stressing about being a cool bookclub host & I did what I always do when I am stressed and in a rut – I went to Marshall’s. Some women love Target, this gal loves Marshall’s. Okay, I digress, so I was walking down the aisles, finding tons of things I couldn’t live without and what did I almost run into? The most fabulous display of turquoise green plates, bowls, and napkins. I mean, the Kate Spade dinner plates were $12 (whhhhat?) and I paired them with these smaller fun plates (that were handmade in Portugal, naturally) to give the setting some fun texture – done & done! I also picked up a stack of blue/green turquoise dish towels – because I love using them as napkins (they cover you lap so well & help give the table a relaxed vibe) and they totally made the whole setting come together. I mean….how fun, right?

Your Book Club will Love When You Host via Lauren Kelp

Goodbye book club blues! This girl was all set to run home & start setting that table. For an extra little something fun, I added some of my favorite books to each place setting. Can you spot the theme? They are all green…ish! 

Truthfully, this blue green combo is going to be a frequent flyer on the Kelp dining room table this spring. Pink and yellow usually get all the glory when it comes to color themes for spring, but I really think a deeper green turquoise should get in on the action. The color says, “warmer weather is coming so let’s get excited about it!” without going full-blown tropical…you know?

Your Book Club will Love When You Host via Lauren Kelp

Toss in some greenery, light a few candles, pour the wine cause it’s book club time! 

Literally nothing I ever write has been so witty, so I am just going to sign off & leave y’all with that. 

Happy hosting!
Your Book Club will Love When You Host via Lauren Kelp


PATTERN PLAY with Marshalls

fall street style via lauren kelpYes my friends, what you are seeing is true. A very rare fashion post is hitting the site today! I am absolutely not the fashionable friend, nor do I claim to be, but when I was shopping for an entertaining photo shoot at Marshall’s the other day & say this dress and draped shawl, I just had to share!

Typically, I am attracted to gray tones, blacks, and creams, so this is not off of my normal color palette, but the pattern is what totally struck me! Plus, it’s a knit! It’s a fabulous, stretchy, won’t wrinkle knit! fall street style via lauren kelpIf you haven’t jumped on the knit train, you should because they are amazing. They are perfect to pack (because they don’t wrinkle), stretchy but don’t get blown out, and wildly versatile. I am not much of a pattern gal because they can be pigeonholed as one note, or too trendy. This guy, however, can go traditional – perfect for a brunch with the Grandparents – but it can also go a little brocade – a slam dunk for a go-to work piece.


Suede Boots | Similar Knit Dress #1 | Similar Knit Dress #2 | Draped Shawl | DW Watch

fall street style via lauren kelpOkay, now..let’s talk about this black shawl. I mean…look at it! It’s fantastic <3 How can you go wrong with a matte black, cozy shawl, that has shearling inside, & drapes like a boss. I talk about food & entertaining, so maybe take my fashion advice with a grain of salt (preferably pink Himalayan salt 😉 ) but next time you are browsing the Marshall’s shelves for fabulous kitchen & entertaining supplies, head on over to those clothing racks & see what you can find. You never know, you might be surprised by the perfect matte black shawl & pattern dress!

fall street style via lauren kelp


Suede Boots | Similar Knit Dress #1 | Similar Knit Dress #2 | Draped Shawl | DW Watch

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Photography by Aimée Mazzenga