STFRANCIS_0001When we first came up with the Tablemakers concept, we envisions hosting great big dinner parties every month with new friends, interesting people in the community, and people doing cool stuff. Coordinating logistics can be difficult, so most Tablemakers posts are smaller, more intimate, which was wonderful, but I had always dreaming of hosting something bigger & thanks to Chef Aaron & St. Francis, we hosted a total dream party.

On Monday nights, St. Francis totally switches it’s menu and offers up a gorgeous Spanish spread of paella, traditional soup, and delicious flan. Paella is such a community dish so to celebrate his new menu & community around Phoenix, Chef Aaron and I invited 30 killer creatives around the valley to a Tablemakers dinner. The result was absolute perfection. The food was divine, the conversation was rich, and the atmosphere was very, well, Spanish. Here is to hosting more in 2015!4567
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