DOUBLE DUTCH BRAIDS from gym to the office

IMG_2742The argument for waking up a bit earlier to style and “do” my hair in the morning just has never been that compelling. Maybe because I prefer a bit for of a tousled look, or maybe just because I’ve never really known how to style my hair well, either way, I am always on the lookout for quick & easy hairstyles that will get me out the door on time and one that I don’t have to keep fixing all day.

We just started playing around with the Double Dutch Braids and I am obsessed. Remember that braided crown we did a while ago? Well, it’s the same braiding technique, but this time we are braiding straight down the back of your head instead of around. Basically, it’s half the work & you can do this on the train to work in the morning – yes, it really is that simple!

Perfect for the gym & adorable for work, we have a feeling this is going to be your favorite no muss, no fuss hairstyle this season. Still unsure about how to master the Double Dutch braids? We’ve called in one of our favorite stylists from StylistedChristina Gauthier – to show us how!


1. Start with a clean part that extends all the way down your head. Cleanly separate the two sections and pigtail the left section on the side of your head.

2. On the right section, separate the top of your hair into three sections. Dutch braids are basically the inverse of a French braid, so instead of pulling the pieces of hair under one another, push them on top. Or, if it’s easier to think of it this way, start French braiding and then do the opposite. The right piece goes under the middle and then the left under the middle, while adding more hair from the root.

3. Work that pattern until you’ve reached the end of your hair & secure with an elastic tie. Un-pigtail the left section and repeat.


Stylist: Christina Gauthier from Stylistedlauren and sylvia


IMG_3236.JPGMost of us do not wash our hair everyday. There’s several reasons why, but the number one excuse seems to be: Ain’t nobody got time for that.

As much as I love having my hair blown out, I have neither the time or patience to do it every morning. It’s time consuming, and to be honest, I hold off washing my hair as long as I possibly can. I know I am not alone in my laziness. So bust out your dry shampoo and bottles of baby powder, because today I’m sharing 3 ways to rock no wash hairstyles!


The first day of no washing is usually leftover from blowing it out the day before. All I need to do is spray a little dry shampoo on the roots, then touch up a few pieces with a curling iron for volume and texture.




The second day of no washing is some sort of braided style. Sometimes I’ll use my five minute french braid tutorial, or do a braided crown. Again, I spray the roots with some dry shampoo, and maybe do a bit of back combing for some lift.



The third day is typically the very last before I absolutely need to wash my hair again. I’ll start with spraying lots of dry shampoo on my roots again. After that, I round brush the top section of my hair to get a bit of volume, and also prevent the greasy-stuck-to-your-scalp look. I then part my hair on either the side or down the middle and brush back into a sleek bun. It makes me feel like Jenna Lyons!

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