GROCERY STORE FLORAL ARRANGEMENT transform your $5 florals into an arrangement

IMG_6651You know when you are in the grocery store & you pass the floral department and you think, “you know what, I think I am going to get some flowers for my house! That is the best idea.” So you pick up some flowers, head home, pop them in a vase, and it’s totally lackluster. Flowers are great no matter what, don’t get me wrong, but sometimes you want an arrangement not just flowers. You know?

Well, feel lackluster no more, friends! We put together a nifty little guide on how to turn your grocery store florals into a fabulous arrangement. Here’s how…


– Shallow dish

– Scotch tape

– Ranunculus

– Foliage

– Acacia

– Scissors



1. Grab that shallow dish (think shallow cereal bowl or dish for dip) and your scotch tape and start to make a crosshatch pattern. Start by putting a piece of tape across the middle top to bottom, then side to side. Now cut those sections in half (both top to bottom & side to side) and work from there.

TIP: I like to leave a pinky finger width in between each strip, but if your dish is bigger, it’s okay to leave a ring finger size gap. Fill with an inch or so (depending on your bowl) of water

2. Here is the fun part! I grabbed ranunculus because they were the most wonderful shade of orange, but you can grab any smaller blooming flower you like. Cut the stems off the ranunculus so that they sit just about the lip of the dish & slip into the right-hand squares moving in. Repeat until you’ve almost reached the left side of the arrangement

3. Now it’s time for your greens! Slip some foliage & a few fun sprigs (we used Acacia) to create some asymmetry. Balance out the arrangement by tucking in a few smaller foliage leaves and sprigs on the right side (see image below).

4. Voila! You’ve mastered your very own $5 arrangement. Looks like a million bucks, doesn’t it?


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IMG_1932There are always a lot of His & Her’s round ups, gift guides, and the like around Valentine’s Day, and while those never really grab my attention, this pairing is something I can absolutely get behind – His & Her’s Valentine’s Day cocktails!

Something sweet and romantic for the lady & something a bit more bold for the mister. It’s a match made in heaven! So before your VDay plans are complete, make sure you add these lovely libations to the list. Can’t wait to see what you think. xoxo, LK



1 cup fresh squeeze grapefruit juice (trust me, it’s better fresh!)

1 cup sparkling water

4 tablespoons vodka

3 tablespoons St. Germain

Honey or a natural sweetener



1. Add a handful of ice to your cocktail shaker & add in ingredients (wait until you’ve tried your cocktail until adding in the honey or sweetener).

2. Shake until shaker is cold & pour into a fabulous glass!

3. Garnish with a thin slice of grapefruit or another citrus (we used a blood orange from the recipe below!)

4. Serve, sip, repeat!



1 ½ ounces dry gin (we love Farmer’s!)
3 ounces blood orange juice (save the peel)
1 tablespoon thyme simple syrup
4 ounces tonic water
Thyme (for garnish)


1. For simple syrup, bring sugar and water to a boil in a saucepan over medium heat. Remove from heat and add thyme sprigs, stir in gently. Allow to cool for 20-25 minutes and remove sprigs before serving.

2. In a low glass, fill it with a few cubes of ice, gin, blood orange juice, and thyme syrup. Top off with tonic & stir gingerly.

2. Cut off a peel from one of your used blood oranges, twist, and add in for garnish. Top cocktail off with a sprig of thyme & serve, sip, repeat!

IMG_1930So what do you say, lovebirds? Are these going to make it on your Valentine’s Day menu?! Since whipping these puppies up, I have to admit, they have been on repeat in our house. The are just so delicious! Anything with blood oranges has me weak at the knees already, but the two as a pair are out of this world.

Can’t wait to hear about your weekend & if you mix these up, let me know! 


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IMG_5890 As you guys might have guessed by now, we are all about sharing a meal together. Whether it is breakfast or dinner, we want to encourage everyone to sit down, unplug, and share a meal with a loved one or a new friend once a day. While that is an achievable goal, the whole making the meal bit can be tricky.

We get it! Time is so precious and we never seem to have enough of it. Most days it’s dinner-time and I look in the fridge for something to make only to realize we have two tomatoes, some ice cream, and a bunch of half eaten condiments. The struggle is real, y’all. Thankfully, our friends at Bertolli have come to our rescue and have made the most ingenious little dinners for two. IMG_5755One of the things I love about Bertolli is their mission – they want you to have a “mangia moment” every time you eat. Just like us, they want you to turn a boring meal into something delicious and inspiring, like dining like an Italian.

Swap out the frozen pizza for a delicious skillet meal for two and watch what happens. Not only does your body feel better, but you’ve just transformed a typically hurried time into something delicious and enjoyable!
bertolli2So, it’s time to eat like an Italian! Stop by your local grocery story and check out the Bertolli Meals for Two and have at it! We created our #mangiamoment by carving out an extra five minutes to have a date night at home. I threw a tablecloth on our dining room table, set it using our favorite glasses, and withing 10 minutes we had a delicious meal from skillet to plate. We got to catch up, drink wine, unplug, and have a moment with each other – it was fantastic!

To help get your Italian juice flowing, we are doing something really fun and helping giveaway a trip to Napa Valley! Scroll down to see how to enter & start planning more dinners at home!


Share your mangia moment and how you dine like an Italian!

Contest/Sweepstakes: Enter by sharing how you “Dine like an Italian” by sharing your #MangiaMoment on your social accounts (via photo) on Instagram or Twitter using hashtag #MangiaMoment and #Sweepstakes.

1. Set the table (and the mood, of course!) with your favorite Bertolli meal

2. Snap a photo of your #mangiamoment during dinner

3. Share your photo to Instagram or Twitter for the chance to win A TRIP TO NAPA VALLEY!

4. Side note: You MUST include a photo and the hashtags #mangiamoment and #sweepstakes to win. See all the contest details.


Photography by This Girl Sylvia

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