STFRANCIS_0001When we first came up with the Tablemakers concept, we envisions hosting great big dinner parties every month with new friends, interesting people in the community, and people doing cool stuff. Coordinating logistics can be difficult, so most Tablemakers posts are smaller, more intimate, which was wonderful, but I had always dreaming of hosting something bigger & thanks to Chef Aaron & St. Francis, we hosted a total dream party.

On Monday nights, St. Francis totally switches it’s menu and offers up a gorgeous Spanish spread of paella, traditional soup, and delicious flan. Paella is such a community dish so to celebrate his new menu & community around Phoenix, Chef Aaron and I invited 30 killer creatives around the valley to a Tablemakers dinner. The result was absolute perfection. The food was divine, the conversation was rich, and the atmosphere was very, well, Spanish. Here is to hosting more in 2015!4567
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1Hxjnb2tROjW1KtxoX_Fv3-5mjpJ2MyrAreqULpPrrY,VepkHnI3zOnkjI0ZeaY-ecuOAtBL_O480jLGn7Sw8e0When you are in the mood for a slightly exotic dinner party, one that evokes feelings of romance & travel – go greek! With warm Mediterranean blues, the festive menu, and the sun-splashed decor, you can’t help but kick back & relax. Greek food doesn’t have to be complicated & no one expects you to spend hours in the kitchen making your own baklava from scratch. Make a variety of dishes that show off the wide palette of the Mediterranean, while keeping a well balanced palette.

To really get in the Greek spirit, offer your guests a chilled glass of ouzo. This classic grecian beverage is best served neat – without ice – & if you need to dilute the spirit, make sure to mix in a little water. Ice will give the drink a crystalizing affect, but water will dilute the strength without washing away the taste.

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Images by Stancy Higley | Textiles by Proud Mary | Candles by Standard Wax |

Florals by Posies Floral | Styling by Lauren Kelp


Yu6eR2SI4kLjw_pipMndJX5trQPYmiMdCVXwE5gzgZI tU6g1B5XLBedKsCpwn0IuKmKmTgmY81GhzO4UzD0ufg Bust out the margaritas because we are celebrating the beginning of spring Cinco de Mayo style! Okay, okay, so it doesn’t have to be May to celebrate with a little outdoor tacos & tequila party, because let’s be honest – every weekend should be margarita weekend! Plus we are sharing the absolute best margarita recipe there ever was – the Pimm Town!

But for real, I am obsessed with this shoot. The team was AMAZING and I couldn’t be more in love with Concrete Geometrics planters. Get some of these guys and fill them with bougainvillea, eucalyptus, or ranunculus to create a really easy and fun asymmetrical arrangement.


Are you ready for the best margarita’s in the world? Get ready, you will want nothing else…



– 2 Frozen Limeades

Camarena Tequila

– Ice

– Limes


– Pour limeade into blender. Add 2 cups of ice

– Fill 1 empty limeade container with Camarena Tequila and add to blender

– Blend until perfectly slushy and wonderful. Squeeze limes & serve!




Planters: Concrete Geometric