Photo Feb 28, 7 59 06 PMMeet your new favorite girl crush, Elana Jadallah. Not only is she as fun and effervescent as she seems, she is also a total #girlboss. Freelance digital marketing consultant (which is easy to see why based on her Instagram) and Business Developer at Social Studio Shop, Elana is a jane-of-all-trades and maintains gorgeous hair throughout it all! Scroll down to read Elana’s inspiring story and a few stellar pieces of business advice…

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Full name: Elana Jadallah

Age: 22

Location: Salt Lake City, UT

Current title/company:  Freelance Digital Media Consultant + Business Developer at Social Studio Shop

Photo Feb 28, 8 17 18 PMHow long have you been a full time Creative?

During college, I freelanced in marketing + design & have been a full time Creative since I graduated last fall. I now fill my days by consulting various small businesses on digital media strategy + planning social media workshops.

What is your day-to-day work routine like?

I am an early bird, so I love to get up with my internal clock, head downstairs & start the coffee pot. I check email, make my to-do lists & make breakfast. The rest of the day is less routine–some days I have client meetings at coffee shops, some days I work from home in my pajamas (glamorous, I know). I will do various things, like blogging over at, planning or conducting photo shoots, doing consultations or coordinating the workshops that Social Studio Shop hosts!

Photo Mar 15, 6 49 02 PMBest part about being a business owner?

As an independent contractor, I am able to consult numerous businesses at once, rather than focusing on one strategy at a time. I love the challenge of that, the flexibility it allows me and the creative people with which my work puts me in contact.

What is some advice you wish you would have had before you got started?

Time Management. I’m working on it, but certainly in the beginning I would tend to work so little on some days & way too much on others. By not allotting time for personal, social + travel moments, it messes with the work/life balance and can have you feeling a lack of interaction or to have a distaste for the work you are doing.

Photo Feb 28, 8 16 37 PMWhat is the key to making a fool proof, creative, yet professional outfit?

Well, how do you define your creative style? Are you whimsical or classic? Are you obsessed with clean lines or do you prefer patterns? Or all of the above? I start dreaming up a fool proof, professional outfit by thinking on things that inspire me & go from there!
A perfect, creative outfit for me is something that I won’t look back on & think ‘what was I wearing!?’ It’s something comfortable but with attention to detail–achieving that with a piece of sentimental jewelry or maybe an intricate design on something I’m wearing.

Photo Feb 28, 8 14 55 PMAny tips for having a well-balanced closet?

A well-balanced closet is one that is rooted in timeless pieces. Many will read that & think boring! I, on the other hand, see that if you have timeless staples you can then tie in fun, trendy, eclectic pieces without feeling like you have “nothing to wear” after the trend or phase has passed.

Photo Feb 28, 7 59 56 PM

Photography by D’Arcy Benincosa



Well Dressed Creative 1-1

Meet Kelly & Andra, the brains behind the beautiful branding boutique – With Grace and Gold. Fast friends turned business partners, Kelly and Andra help businesses grow their creative dreams into flourishing businesses with authentic packaging and branding services. Andra (left) is the graphic designing heartbeat behind With Grace and Gold.  When not creating brands and sitting at Caribou with Kelly, she is designing wedding stationery with Andra Delores DesignKelly (right) has long had a passion for serving and encouraging women in business.  After gaining experience in university-level teaching, career counseling, and business consulting, Kelly’s heart was filled with the launch of With Grace and Gold, where her goal is to instill a sense of confidence and business savvy in every Client. When she is not serving women in business, she is Guest Lecturing within a local university Business Department.  Learn all about their heart behind their business, what personal style means to them, and how they stay true to themselves as business owners!

Full Name: Kelly Zugay + Andra Barkey

Age: Kelly, 27 + Andra, 24

Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota

Current Title/Company: Kelly, Co-Founder and Brand Stylist + Andra, Co-Founder and Brand Designer at With Grace and Gold

Well Dressed Creative 2-1How long have you been a full-time Creative?

Kelly: I have been a full-time Creative for two months! I feel really blessed to be able to pursue what I love as a full-time career. Prior to becoming a full-time Creative, I was a college Career Counselor and Instructor. Along the way, I was drawn to anything and everything creative – but it wasn’t until I formed a friendship with Andra that I realized my potential to wholeheartedly pursue design and branding. I’m in love with being a full-time Creative, and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Andra: My career as a full-time Creative actually began immediately following College graduation! I started my first full-time business at age 21, designing Wedding Stationery at Andra Delores Design. It has been 3 years since I’ve been a full-time Creative, and while it can be hard at times, it is by far the most fulfilling challenge! Kelly and I created our business ‘officially’ in October, so now I create at With Grace and Gold and Andra Delores Design

What is your day-to-day work routine like?

Kelly: I wake up around 8 AM for a quick workout, then “meet” Andra on Google Hangout for a Strategy Call at 9 AM. We live across the Wisconsin-Minnesota border from one another, so meeting online is quickest and easiest for us. During our Strategy Call, we discuss our plan for the day – our priorities, our projects, and everything we need to accomplish. We work hard all day long and try to wrap up at 5 PM every day, but when you love what you do as much as we do – it can be tough to put work away!

Andra: I usually wake up around 6:30, which to my family, probably sounds crazy; I’ve never been a morning person! With running two small businesses, I do all of my Wedding Stationery work in the morning, so that Kelly and I can focus full-time on With Grace and Gold during our normal work hours! While each day looks a little different, we usually spend our morning catching up on emails and smaller tasks, and leave the afternoons for client work. I leave my evenings open for my husband, family, friends, and let’s be real – Netflix! In my 3 years as a full-time creative, I’ve learned that burn-out is a very real thing, and spending quality time with others refreshes me!

Well Dressed Creative 2-2Best part about being a business owner?

Kelly: For me, the best part about being a business owner is having the freedom to be – unapologetically – exactly who I am. During my career, I was often made fun of for my petiteness and my high-pitched voice. After losing my confidence and reaching rock bottom, being a business owner has helped me to bounce back in such a refreshing way. It has given me an opportunity to share who I am – to share my gifts and talents, and to encourage other women to do the same. For me, there is nothing better than being able to lift people up – to share your story and say, “I overcame this obstacle, and I know you will too!” (Another amazing bonus? Being able to wear red lipstick, top knots, and maxi dresses – just because!)

Andra: Freedom! I love that my day and life looks exactly how I want it to look! While being a business owner can be tough at times, and feel like the opposite of freeing, I know that ultimately, I have the choice to do what I do! This is truly what I was made to do, and it feels amazing knowing that I am doing what I was made for! Using your talents and gifts to help and grow other women in business is truly the most ultimate feeling!

What is some advice you wish you would have had before you got started?

Kelly: Honestly, I’m not sure if there is any advice I wish I would have received before I got started. In the end, I believe everything has worked out so perfectly! Andra has been an inspiration to me throughout my journey as a business owner and is always saying, “You’re doing it! You’re a business owner!” She has not only been a best friend – but an amazing encourager along the way. I’m learning so much from her experience in business, and we’re learning so much as a partnership, too!

Andra: Reach out to others! Working with your BFF Is amazing, and it helps me realize that we are truly there as inspiration, encouragement, and plain-ol’ help for each other! While we are a partnership, Solopreneurs can benefit from reaching out to others as well! When I first started as a business owner, I was nervous to ask for help and as a result, I felt overwhelmed. As I connected with more women in business, I realized that we are all in this together. Reach out, make connections, and don’t be afraid to ask questions and ask for help!

Well Dressed Creative 2-3What is the key to making a fool proof, creative, yet professional outfit?

Kelly: For me, the recipe for a creative, yet professional, outfit is: a basic and professional piece, a piece with personality, and a great accessory. Because I spent several years wearing business casual, I am savoring the balance of “creative” and “professional” I am able to have today!

Andra: I’m all about wearing the basics, and pulling it together with a killer pair of shoes, and some cute accessories! Being in a basic pair of skinny jeans and basic top or blouse allows me to feel comfortable – which is key – but when I’m going out to meet a Client or grab coffee with a friend, I know that I can put on a high heel, some gold accessories, and pink lipstick – voila! My basic outfit is instantly professional and chic. Plus, I believe there is power in a good pair of high heels… or it might have something to do with me marrying a very tall man!

Any tips for having a well-balanced closet?

Kelly: For a well-balanced closet, I recommend great basics (a grey or black blazer, dark denim, basic or modestly patterned tops) and pieces that reflect your personality and help you to feel confident and stylish. I also have an obsession with rompers and maxi dresses, because they’re “all-in-one” outfits; I can’t help but feel put-together!

Andra: Lots of neutrals, and lots of accessories! Lately, I’ve loved having the ability to add color where I want it in my wardrobe! While I do wear a bright piece every once in awhile, I love having a neutral palette of clothes – black, grey, nude, light pink, white – that I can work off of to create interesting outfits! Plus, accessories are an easy way to make anything ‘you!’

To see more from With Grace and Gold, visit their Instagram account or Facebook page

Well Dressed Creative 2-4

Lauren Kirkbride Photographylauren


Have you ever found a piece of jewelry that really speaks to you? You love the way it’s made, it’s unique shape, and chic simplicity? It was probably a Moulton piece. Jen Moulton, one of Austin’s coolest gals, has made it her life’s work to make beautiful jewelry for the gal who loves simplicity. Perfectly blending heirloom quality with geometric shapes and versatile function, her pieces quickly become an every-day staple but have the integrity to pass along to future generations. Jen is one of the most thoughtful women I have ever met and her approach to her work completely exemplifies her passion for intentional living. Here is a little bit of her story & what being a “creative” means to her.

Full name: Jen Moulton

Age: 29

Location: Austin, TX

Current title/company: Owner/Jeweler at Moulton

IMG_2471How long have you been a full time Creative?

On a full time basis, I’ve worked for myself for the last two years! I’ve been on my own (+ part time work) since September 2011 (3.5 years)

What is your day-to-day work routine like?

My day to day routine is all over the place. I’m currently working within a skeleton schedule that gives me structure so deadlines are met and passion work is prioritized (I learned about this concept from Jessica Hische’s blog). I am a fan of batching work (I learned about this from Tim Ferriss’ Four Hour Workweek, can you tell I’m an information fiend?). Batching work has been a game changer for me, I’m no longer scattered and stressed with trying to do ten things at once. Batching is also conducive to getting into flow states during creative work because I never feel like I should be doing something else since I’ve created blocks of time for my tasks (this TED talk is a must watch regarding flow and happiness).

Currently, my schedule looks like this:

M: Ship orders, answer emails, production for week

T: Metalsmithing class in the morning, production or custom work in the afternoon

W: Coffee/lunch date, emails/computer work, weekly business accountability meeting with Becky Murphy

Th: Passion work (currently a ceramics class)

F: Admin Day (accounting, back up my computer*, reconcile business miles), possibly another coffee/lunch date or I might squeeze in a little passion work

*You might think I’m an overachiever for backing my computer up every week– don’t even ask me how many times my hard drive has crashed and I’ve lost important photos or documents. I’ve learned to start doing this the hard way.

IMG_2259Best part about being a business owner?

I think this is a common goal amongst business owners– freedom. Owning my own business is hard and time consuming but being in charge of my own time, my own day, my own path allows me to feel free and abundant. But really, the relationships I’ve built are the best part. I’ve gained so much by the exchanges within my business, both business to customer and business to fellow business owner. There is nothing like getting to connect with your dream customer or meeting with a fellow business owner and beginning to walk your paths together.

IMG_2328What is some advice you wish you would have had before you got started?

Focus more on creating community. As a fairly shy and introverted individual, I never thought I’d say or believe this. I keep a small circle and I invest everything I have into them, I’ve always been the person that had a few close friends. So it’s shocking to me that as I left my comfort zone and began to invest in my creative community in Austin that I’ve flourished and so has my business. This community that you give to will become your cheering squad, they will give you feedback on your new product idea, parts of them will rub off on you and you’ll change for the better, etc. It all starts with a connection– a kind word, an instagram comment, a common friend. Don’t be afraid to reach out and create a genuine connection with them. Emphasis on genuine– not time to pick their brain or ask them to help you in someway, make sure you bring something to the table too. So often we think we are competing with each other or that we need to guard our knowledge but the opposite is true– sharing your process and your knowledge builds your expert status, attracts people to you, and others will likely react in kind. The world would be a much better place if we spent our energy on giving rather than guarding.

IMG_2420What is the key to making a fool proof, creative, yet professional outfit?

For me, something I’m comfortable in and can work in. This usually means an oversized boxy top, well-fitting skinny jeans, and boots or flats depending on the season. A personal rule I follow is to go with handmade whenever possible. I think personal style is really important for creatives. It’s like the idea of going to a hair stylist with great hair. If you’re meeting with clients, your outfit gives them an idea of what you’re about before seeing your work or talking to you. My other staple is my bangs. They’re like a permanent accessory, they make me feel like I’ve styled my hair even though I usually don’t. I like to keep it minimal so I stick to one bold accessory beyond my bangs– it could be a necklace with a great story, a pair of statement boots, or a handmade leather bag.

Any tips for having a well-balanced closet?

Keep a small, well-curated selection so that you’d be excited to wear any piece you pick out. Uniforms make getting dressed incredibly easy. If you love something, consider buying a few of them.


Photos by Katie Jameson



SpringLookBook2015_341Looking for a new fashion blog to crush on? Well look no further! Our Well Dressed Creative of the week is Jessica Cheesman, the adorable gal behind Golden Swank. Not only does she have killer style, she doesn’t break the bank doing it! Looking for the perfect festival outfit – she’s got you covered. How about a rad hat – she’s your gal! Get to know our latest WDC and how she keeps things classy while running an online business. SpringLookBook2015_355Full name: Jessica Cheesman

Age: 24

Location: CA → UT → AZ

Current title/company: Blogger at Golden Swank and Communications Manager at Unicity 

SpringLookBook2015_353How long have you been a full time Creative?

I relaunched my blog about a year ago, but to this day, have never been a full-time blogger. Hopefully that will change in the near future though! (Fingers crossed)

What is your day-to-day work routine like?

I work a 9-5 job in marketing and then if it’s still light outside, I’ll try to squeeze in some photos with my husband for a blog post. Then I’ll go home and answer emails and plan out the next day’s blog post and research trends. Depending on the night, I will go to a networking event in the hopes of meeting people I can work with in the future.

SpringLookBook2015_357Best part about being a business owner?

Being your own boss! Since I work two jobs, I know the difference between being your own boss and not. Let me tell you, being your own boss is way better. There’s nothing quite like having complete creative control over something and the freedom to be unapologetically yourself.

SpringLookBook2015_376What is some advice you wish you would have had before you got started?

Network with people in the industry before you launch your business. Starting up your circle of connections earlier than later will be to your benefit. I did it later in the game and wish I had known to do so when I started out. Another thing is to research how to monetize your business. When I first started my blog, I had no idea I could make money off of it. I did it purely for fun. Then I started getting noticed and learned that I could make money off something I love and I couldn’t believe it! But you need to invest money into your business in order to grow. So, if you’re not going to be making that much in the beginning, make sure you have a back-up plan to brings funds in.

SpringLookBook2015_359 What is the key to making a fool-proof, creative, yet professional outfit?

Incorporate your out-of-office style into the outfit. If your style is boho, you better be incorporating fun prints or flowy tops into your professional outfit. If your style is preppy, wear a button-up (button all the way to the very top) with a flattering blazer over it. No matter what your style is, there’s a way to incorporate it for any occasion.

Any tips for having a well-balanced closet?

Build out from the basics. There’s nothing worse than feeling like you have nothing to wear, so having basic pieces will save your butt more times than you’d think. Once you have those down, you can expand your closet out. Oh and do yourself a favor and consider a wide-brim fedora hat a basic. You will not regret it. It will double the cool factor to any outfit. Trust. 😉


Photographer: Remember When by Raquel lauren


Suite_8Splitting her time between New York and Florence, Italy, Jennifer Diederich (you might recognize her from Project Runway Season 5) loves a classic cut and a whimsical pattern. Her line, Suite,  is a collection of quirky, whimsical details often in the 50’s-60’s style silhouettes, or, as Jennifer likes to call them, party dresses. Get to know this seasoned designer, what it means to dress well, and how to master the art of a European wardrobe in our Well Dressed Creative interview with Jennifer. Plus, she shares a little sneak peek at her designs and collections!

Suite_15Full name: Jennifer Diederich

Age: 33

Location: Florence Italy and New York

Current title/company: Suite

Suite_12How long have you been a full time Creative?

Almost 5 years

What is your day-to-day work routine like?

I always start my day with a cappuccino and croissant, it’s only natural after all…I live in Italy! Once appropriately caffeinated, I head into the studio to do everything owning your own small clothing business entails…making patterns, sewing samples, photographing new items for sale online, sketching and researching new ideas, etc. Most days you can also find me at the fabric stores either researching new fabrics or purchasing fabrics to fulfill orders. At lunch time, I like to snap a picture of my “ootd” for Instagram and head out to grab a focaccia from the local corner bakery. In nice weather, I’ll walk around a bit for some fresh air, inspiration and…another espresso. I am usually back in the studio after that to continue working, most days well into the night. There is always something to work on!


Best part about being a business owner?

The freedom to express my own thoughts through design and how my company will appear to others, this freedom is not usually allowed while working for someone else. I feel lucky to be able to create my own little world and share it with other stylish girls!

What is some advice you wish you would have had before you got started?

I think I would have experimented more with technique and figuring out by trial and error what women wanted before starting to sell to stores right away. It is easy to get caught up in your ideas, without stepping back to critique what works and more importantly, what should be reworked. Over the years, I have been able to do this, but experimenting first would have saved me the money spent on less successful samples.


What is the key to making a fool proof, creative, yet professional outfit?

I believe in being anything but basic, personally! One of the most fun parts of my day is being able style the pieces that I design. I start with a key piece, usually a dress. Then, I choose an outerwear piece to create an interesting color combination. To bring things together, I draw from my ever growing vintage costume jewelry collection filled with treasures, to add some personality to this colorful outfit. Then I finish the look with a novelty handbag to bring in some humor. Choosing quality pieces in colorful combinations is a great way to look creative, yet professional. The tongue-in-cheek accessories are also great conversion starters or ice breakers. Of course, if you are carrying a clutch that resembles a newspaper, to keep it professional looking, choose clothing that is fun, yet sophisticated…skip the leggings and skinny jeans in these occasions.

Any tips for having a well-balanced closet?

I would recommend establishing your personal style. Once you know what style clothing and accessories you love and how you want to be perceived by others, only purchase things that fit into this style. This way everything in your closet will represent you, and you can’t go wrong when choosing an outfit. I also believe in having pieces that can be worn in layers. I like to have great dresses with several different tops that can be worn over the dresses. When your dress can also appear as a skirt, it opens up so many styling options. In fact, the outfit I am wearing in these photos is actually a dress with a cropped tie front top worn over it!


Photography by History in High Heels




bddv0EK41GNv39r0F84bADPvjhrw-yFbLpdgBgJhq4Y,nV9XV08-Laibrsd1wtfmrxAc46xt4i1NGIQnztJDFScIf you’re a fan of swoon-worthy florals and creative chutzpah, this WDC feature is for you. Ashley Beyer is the genius behind the gorgeous floral studio, Tinge, in Salt Lake City. Her work is without a doubt on one of your Pinterest boards and her approach to working hard for your dream is refreshingly candid. You can see artistic background in every arrangement and her wild, yet tailored, aesthetic shines through in everything she does. Get ready to get inspired by this little floral goddess…

Full name: Ashley Beyer

 Age: 27

 Location: Salt Lake City, Utah

 Current title/company: Owner/Designer at Tinge Floral

How long have you been a full time Creative?

Two years

What is your day-to-day work routine like?

This definitely depends on the time of year. Lately it’s been proposal writing season, meeting with brides, designing proposals, creating some personal work too. During the summer its all weddings all the time.


Best part about being a business owner?

That your job is what you make it. Regardless of doing what you love, it’s still hard work. There are always aspects to every job that you love less than other parts. As a business owner though, you take pride in the entire process since it’s reflection on yourself. I like that. I like having that pressure on myself and holding myself accountable.


What is some advice you wish you would have had before you got started?

Never compare your beginning to someone else’s middle. This is huge in any industry. When I started I felt so compelled to be ultra successful right away, and while I’m grateful for the way Tinge evolved in the short time it did, there were still moments of discouragement. It’s important to be positive and to look at those you admire as incredible, hard workers that can inspire you instead of leave you feeling discouraged. I think the best advice is to just put your head down and work, and let yourself be inspired by your own thoughts and ideas so the true you can really shine through.


What is the key to making a fool proof, creative, yet professional outfit?

In my line of work it’s pretty messy, and I’m on my feet all of the time. Comfortable, but stylish looking shoes are a must. Ankle boots have become my go to and I wear them almost everyday. I love Madewell ankle boots as well as a brand called Latigo. They both make beautiful boots that are comfortable, you don’t even need that break in period. They are incredible the first time you put them on! I think a good outfit starts with the shoes, you can dress anything up with a nice pair.


Any tips for having a well-balanced closet?

I feel quite strongly about neutrals. I’m often attracted to color in the store, but once I bring it home I wear it once or twice and I’m pulled back to the neutrals in my closet. I’ve learned to stick with that. I love the way the french dress. Really quality basics, never over done. That’s really the philosophy I live by too. I know not to impulsively buy something at a good sale price. I’m much more inclined to spend a little more on a piece I know I’ll always feel happy in, and will ultimately be comfortable for me to work in too.

I’ve really been loving Everlane Men’s Pocket T’s in an small. They are slightly oversized and the perfect weight. My husband and I recently traveled to Europe and I only took a backpack for an almost three week trip. I packed 3 T shirts, 1 white and 2 Black, 3 Blouses, 1 Chambray shirt, 2 Coats, 1 pair of Jeans, 1 pair of black skinny jeans, 1 pullover sweatshirt, 1 pair of olive skinny jeans, 2 ankle boots, and 1 pair of oxfords. I brought a few hats, a scarf, and a bright lip color to add some personality. I realized that getting dressed everyday was easy when I only had the basics as options, and I felt comfortable and stylish every day. So I’ve applied this philosophy at home too. Simple for me, really is best!


Favorite places to shop?

I think Madewell is a company that is really in line with how I like to dress and how I feel comfortable. I also love Zara and ASOS for some gorgeous classic pieces, it just takes some searching.
I found a Nallik necklace at an Anthropologie sale a few years ago. I was in love with the simple but gorgeous design and I’ve been following her work forever. I finally splurged and bought one of her pieces and I was recently just gifted another from the designer herself! It was the best mail day ever.



The photos are by D’Arcy Benincosa, and the styling  by Lesley Lau.

Outfit Details: Coat: Zara, White T: Everlane, Jeans: J Brand, Boots: Madewell, Necklace: Nallik



groupMeet the creative geniuses behind your favorite new way to treat yourself, Lilee! Felicity, Kelsey, and Natalia are the wizards behind the curtain of this insane new subscription box service to come out of Austin, Texas. With perfectly curated taste, great business savvy, and “do what you love, love what you do” attitude, these women are the epitome of a Well Dressed Creative. Learn about their brand, their idea of perfect style, and what it means to be a Creative below!

Full name: Felicity Rose Fromholz

Age: 35

Location: Austin, Texas

Current title/company: Director of Brand Management for Lilee and Beauty Box


How long have you been a full-time Creative?

I think I have been a full-time Creative all my life, but people have been paying me for it since 2005. I am a makeup artist by trade and have actively been working in the cosmetic field for the past 10 years. I love the creative possibilities of makeup. I also ran my own beauty-centric social media management business in graduate school, which I started just about the time I started working with Beauty Box 5 – Lilee’s sister company.

What is your day-to-day work routine like?

I am a single mom, so I start my day off at 6:00 AM in order to get my son to school by 7:30 AM. Then I am off to work by 8-ish and I typically stop by my favorite coffee shop on the way. I am usually the first one in the office and I really enjoy that hour to myself before all the hustle & bustle starts. Despite what most people think when they meet me, I am an introvert at my core and need that quiet time to recharge my batteries.

I like to change things up during the day, so I typically have lunch out of the office. Sometimes it’s with friends or for business, other times I sit at the bar and zone out on whatever project I am working on. I am usually out of the office by 4pm or 5pm to get the kiddo.


Best part about being a business owner?

For me, the best part about being a business owner is being able to work by my own rules. As a creative, I haven’t always fit into the corporate mold. Working for myself means I get to call the shots and work with the people I want to work with. It means I have the freedom to go to my son’s performance at school or pick up a friend from the airport in the middle of the day.

What is some advice you wish you would have had before you got started?

I wish someone would have told me to be more conscious of my work-life balance. I love what I do, so I tend to take work home which means it sometimes takes me away from my family.


What is the key to making a fool-proof, creative, yet professional outfit?

I think the key to making a fool-proof, creative, yet professional outfit is to pay attention to the trends but spend your money on the classics. And to know the styles that flatter your figure!

Any tips for having a well-balanced closet?

Shop everywhere! I have pieces in my closet from Nordstrom and Asos, packed in with pieces from TJ MAXX and my favorite, local thrift or vintage shops.


Full name: Kelsey Rebecca Manning

Age: 24

Location: Austin, Texas

Current title/company: Communications Director, Lilee & Beauty Box 5unnamed-1

How long have you been a full-time Creative?

I’ve just been a full-time creative since July of last year! It’s a crazy, exciting statement to be able to make at such a young age.

What is your day-to-day work routine like?

It depends on the day! I am very ritualistic about waking up around 7:30 and putting on a good playlist (lately it’s been lots of Hozier, Meghan Trainor and Butch Walker!), drinking strong-brewed coffee at my vanity while I get ready and checking Twitter for anything exciting or adorable that’s happened overnight. I get into work around 9:30 or so and start on a second cup of coffee, diving into branding, content, emails and copywriting for our website, emails, and social. Our entire team is super collaborative, so we often work on our laptops all on the same table, and are firm believers in chips and queso to boost creativity at all our meetings. I try to take a break around 4 or so to plan out social media posts for the next day, and if I’m really in need of a creativity boost, Natalia and I will leave the office early, grab our trusty notebooks and head to a cafe or bar to brainstorm with some beverages. We are strong believers in “beer is for brainstorming, coffee is for creating.”

unnamedBest part about being a business owner?

The best part about being a business owner is that you’re a walking-talking business card and billboard for your own brand! You talk about your job without even realizing it because it’s so much a part of your day-to-day and what you’re constantly building.

What is some advice you wish you would have had before you got started?

You can only be as good as your taste! Working a job that lets me write and brand full-time is my dream job (and so inspiring!), but it also drives me to want to elevate my own bookshelf by finding and following other talented writers and brands all the more to help drive my passion. Additionally, working around beautiful items inside our monthly boxes means that my taste in outfits, jewelry, makeup and pretty things have all gotten even better made since I research brands and trends – not that I’m complaining, though!

10480552_758137724268423_3704904606109257564_oWhat is the key to making a fool-proof, creative, yet professional outfit?

Wear an accessory with a story!I always have on a piece (or five!) of sentimental jewelry that was handed down from my sweet grandmother, a hat that I got from a tucked-away vintage shop, or a pair of unique boots that I snagged on a girls’ trip. I love balancing designer brands with everyday finds, but always adding something that’s unique to my closet alone. Since I work around words and copywriting all day, I love that someone can get to know my story through an accessory before they ever say hi.

Any tips for having a well-balanced closet?

Imagine that you could run into Ryan Gosling at any moment of your life. Only keep the outfits that fit well and make you feel confident enough to talk to him in and toss the rest.



Full name: Natalia Isabelle Bernard

Age: Just turned 25!

Location: Austin, Texas

Current title/company: Creative Director for Lilee and Beauty Box 5.1973932_763162967099232_7788667628345674964_o

How long have you been a full-time Creative?

A little over 4 years, 5 startups, and 2,856 cups of coffee later!

What is your day-to-day work routine like?

My day begins the moment I open up my Macbook, plug-in to the dual monitor set-up and take out a pen and sketchbook to make a list of the day’s tasks. Everything after this point is far from routine. Each day brings fresh ideas, new concepts, and a diverse range of projects. Depending on the day you’ll usually find me in our creative room, headphones in, working away on a design or completely off the grid, sketchbook in hand and set of sharpie pens, sketching away!

What is some advice you wish you would have had before you got started?

Either find a way to make it fun or find a way to get it off your plate. The startup environment comes with a multitude of tasks, projects, and deadlines. It takes prioritization and really knowing how to divide your time to get everything accomplished! Sometimes you just can’t do it all. And other times you’re given a task that may not be in your job title, but someone’s got to do it and that’s you. Always find a way to make it fun! I usually opt for that.

10904475_766406170108245_2425520617722182081_oWhat is the key to making a fool-proof, creative, yet professional outfit?

A pair of stylish high heels. I tend to keep my wardrobe minimal, but love to play up an outfit with a pair of pumps or high heels. Nothing makes me feel more confident and that I can take on anything!

Any tips for having a well-balanced closet?

It’s simple. If you haven’t worn it in a year then get rid of it.


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Well Dressed Creative-01Get ready, friends because Caroline Brewer is about to totally win your over. As a stylist, this powerhouse has worked with Anthropoligie, Marimekko, Southern Living, and just wrapped up Ben Rector’s latest album art. Living in Nashville, Caroline’s aesthetic is one part southern romantic and one part ecclectic bohemian. Building her business on gut, gumption, and a keen eye, Caroline is a serious style maven and her journey couldn’t be more relatable. Well Dressed Creative-02 Full name: Caroline Brewer

Age: 26

Location: Nashville, Tennessee

Current title/companyCaroline Brewer Styling – Freelance Stylist & Clark Brewer Photography -Marketing/PR, assistant, and wife 😉

Well Dressed Creative-03

How long have you been a full time Creative?

Three years, although I have only been working for myself for 6 months. I was aVisual Merchandiser at Anthropologie before moving on to pursue freelance styling and help Clark run his photography business.

What is your day-to-day work routine like?

Working from home is a new thing for me and I am still trying to find a routine. So far, each day has looked pretty different depending on the job I am working on that week or even that particular day. The fast paced, “no two days are the same”, environment that comes with the freelance lifestyle has been a fun change to things that I have done in the past!

Well Dressed Creative-05


Best part about being a business owner?

Creative freedom! It’s so nice to put work out that YOU are inspired by and that you think is beautiful. It is also amazing when people start hiring you for your personal aesthetic and vision. That feels like a real accomplishment!

What is some advice you wish you would have had before you got started?

When you are working for yourself you have to create strong boundaries, otherwise you will work all the time! And even stronger boundaries need to be established if you’re in business with your husband. We tend to talk about work a lot and it can be a challenge to live a well-balanced life.

Well Dressed Creative-04

What is the key to making a fool proof, creative, yet professional outfit?

Staying true to yourself. I think people appreciate unique and original ideas. That being said, consider where you are going and dress appropriately.

Any tips for having a well-balanced closet?

For me, balance at this point means being concise. In the past, I have had too many clothes. I had items in my closet that didn’t fit quite right or the color wasn’t my favorite, but for whatever reason I just tried to make them work. This year I am trying to consolidate and only have things in my closet that I am excited about! I think having a well balanced closet means loving and feeling confident in anything you pull out, but in order to get there, you’ve got to be willing to say bye, bye to some of those old clothes that you think you will wear someday, but you never do.

Well Dressed Creative-06








Samantha Thompson, owner & candle maker of stellar candle company, Standard Wax, is all about bringing art into your everyday. Inspired by the erratic landscape of the desert and the beautiful treks through the forests of Arizona (yes, they have some), this little powerhouse & her wonderful business partner Andrew, are forces to be reckoned with. The savvy business gal behind the brand, Samantha has unstoppable wit, crazy fun charm, and killer personal style. Get to what it means to run a creative company well, plus what personal style means to this bombshell!


Full  name: Samantha Thompson

Age: 28

Location: Tempe, AZ

Current title/company: Owner + Candle Maker, Standard Wax



How long have you been a full-time Creative?

Standard Wax started about three years ago, but I went truly full-time (as in quit my day job) eight months ago. Up until then, I was a double-time creative! It’s been so liberating, since I can focus all of my time on one thing that I love, instead of basically working two (more than) full-time jobs.

What is your day-to-day work routine like?

Haha! It doesn’t exist. I’m not a very routine-driven person. I know a lot of people with non-traditional jobs find it important to have a routine, a schedule and create a normal day-to-day, but not me! I know what needs to get done, when it needs to be done by, and love that I can work at my own pace. Sometimes I’ll be up at 5 a.m. working on emails or budgets or accounting in my pajamas, and realize at 5 p.m. that I’m still in PJs and forgot to take breaks to eat. Other days call for inspiration and spontaneous afternoon adventures. And sometimes I simply make candles from 9-5. I think it’s important to be flexible and do what makes you most productive, even if what’s going to make you productive that day isn’t what some think of as “real work”.



Best part about being a business owner?

The community. There are a lot things that are awesome about owning a business, but you’ve probably heard them all. What I had no idea about are the amazing opportunities to meet other people in different fields, who all want to collaborate. I’ve met some of the greatest people at events, workshops and even on the Internet, all because of Standard Wax.

What is some advice you wish you would have had before you got started?

To be patient. Things are going to happen that you don’t understand, or don’t like, but having the patience to wait out those hard/weird/confusing/stressful times is so important. Instead of getting frustrated, just know that the clarity will always come. And when it does, you suddenly see why these things that weren’t so great had to happen.



What is the key to making a foolproof, creative, yet professional outfit?

For me, it’s all about comfort. You have to be comfortable to be confident, and if you’re confident you can almost wear whatever you want. I love outfits that are super versatile. Some days I will make candles, go to a meeting, and then go on a spontaneous adventure into the desert – and I love that I can wear the same outfit to all three! I live in leggings, for this reason. My key to creating the perfect outfit is accessories. Hats, jackets, jewelry. You can dress up leggings, pull together skinny jeans and a t-shirt, or give the same outfit you wore three days ago (it happens, no shame) a new life.

Any tips for having a well-balanced closet?

Solids and accessories. Call me boring (I like to call it classic) but I wear skinny pants of some sort and a plain shirt almost every day. Sometimes maybe it’s a simple dress. These things almost never go out of style, so you can spend money on quality items and keep them around! As trends change, I just re-evaluate my accessory situation. Shoes, bags, jackets, hats (hats are the best), jewelry… These are the things that make the outfit for me.





IMG_1848 (1)

You might recognize her as the face of our Interiors column, but Candice DePrang Boehm is also a master business women with impeccable taste. Candice is a mastermind in two worlds – the creative world & the business world. As the main scout & creative director of Oh! Fox CreativeCandice knows her way around the markets of Morocco & the flea markets of Round Top. Need help finding that perfect rug you can’t seem to track down? Follow her instagram for the best finds! Trust me, Candice is going to be your favorite “go-to” interiors guru.

IMG_1934Full name: Candice DePrang Boehm

Location: Austin, TX

Current title/company: Creative Director, OH! Fox Creative


How long have you been a full time Creative?

9 months – maybe that’s why OH! Fox still feels like a baby!

What is your day-to-day work routine like?

It differs daily, and to be honest, I prefer structure so I try to start the day with early meetings.  To shoot totally straight with you (and now all of your readers..eep!) most of the time I roll out of bed throw, on one of my many gray sweaters and a pair booties and deem the combination suitable for an outfit. However, I feel so much better when the alarm is set a little early, my clothes are laid out,  and I eat breakfast…all of the little things you know you should do but don’t always!Meetings and errands usually take up the morning time, and in the afternoon I work on real, brain necessary work – not email or phone calls. In fact, it’s the opposite. I usually log out of email and plug-in my phone in another room.

Focusing on one project for about 25 minutes at a time is called the Pomodoro Technique and I swear by it. I usually allocate two rotations to one project.Dinner rolls around before I know it, and because I deeply enjoying cooking dinner, I’ll slow down around five. Even if I go back to work later (and I almost always do), these few hours help me to unwind and process the day.

IMG_1905Best part about being a business owner?

Can I name two?!  1) Traveling without asking permission.  Owning a business is really, really tough work.  But on the days when I need to travel, I just book tickets and that makes all of the mile counting and receipt logging so, so worth it.

2) The people I work with.  I cannot say enough about or brag on the men and women that make the OH! Fox shop one of their regular destinations when scouting cool stuff.  Knowing my clients and building relationships with them is a special part of my work – maybe the best part.  And it’s so interesting because I would have never known them without this business.

What is some advice you wish you would have had before you got started

Don’t quit your day job! Being a business owner means constantly learning (and failing); while that’s part of the journey, it can get hard. Having a work rhythm, even part-time, can really offset the hard days.

IMG_1951 What is the key to making a fool-proof, creative, yet professional outfit?

Copies of the exact same piece! I’m not super stylish – I have girlfriends that sit behind computers all day but have style in spades compared to me.  I dress boring, but having a ‘uniform’ helps – there are so many decisions to make as a business owner, I can’t spend all morning staring into my closet.  So, I stash my favorite pieces and buy well made versions of them  – caramel colored booties in suede, caramel colored booties in leather, gray sweater in wool, gray sweater with leather elbow patches, gray sweater in cashmere… you get the idea.  Feeling professional almost always comes when I spend five extra minutes smoothing out my curls, and when I can, getting a red manicure.  Red nails make me feel polished and more like myself.

Any tips for having a well-balanced closet?

Ha – see above.  Only have a well balance closet if you want one (wink wink!).  I say get a mani/pedi instead!



Photos by the lovely Kim Jones.