4806For all our gluten free, vegan, soy free, lactose intolerant, nut free, and sugar free readers, THIS POST IS FOR YOU! We are always trying to cut back on the junk and increase the good things we put into our bodies here at and thanks to Wink Frozen Desserts that just got a whole lot easier.

It’s hard to find something truly delicious that satisfies that sweet tooth and doesn’t break the dietary restriction – am I right? Well, we are whipping up this crazy good cookie dough milkshake that is 100% guilt free. Like, zero guilt. Swap the milk for whatever you can drink (rice, almond, coconut, you get the picture) and use your favorite cookie recipe for the toppings, and Wink does the rest! See the full recipe below & make sure you tell us what you think!


1. Iced Latte flavored Wink Frozen Desserts

2. Milk

3. Freshly baked cookies!



1. Scoop several spoonfuls of Wink Frozen Dessert into blender

2. Add one cup of milk

3. Blend until smooth and thick (add more Wink if necessary)

4. Pour your yummy milkshake into a tall glass

5. Crumble freshly baked cookies on top & stir to mix in

6. Serve, sip, repeat!


Photos by This Girl Sylvia

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