IMG_1433Candice here, and for the past few months, I’ve spilled business secrets and landed interviews with one stellar #GIRLBOSS after another.  But next week, I’m launching a column about an interest I’ve been growing and cultivating over the past 3 years: INTERIORS!! Starting next Monday I’ll head up the interiors column at Laurenkelp.com.  You can expect house tours, DIYs, and interviews specific to making spaces.

Until then, let me share with you my very last business post – and it’s a sweet one!  As you know, I could talk all day about women in charge but today I am so excited to introduce Nora, founder of Great Bean Chocolate.  She invited some friends and me over for a tasting of her delicious concoctions and taught us about the insane amount of age-battling antioxidants, brain-boosting chemicals, and body-loving minerals found naturally in chocolate.  Scroll through for the secrets of each bar as well as the details that made the morning special.

IMG_1279The girls arrived to a gorgeous table set with each of Great Bean’s flavors and settled into meet each other before the tasting began. Each place was set with festive linens, sparkling water for a palate cleanser, and a little pad to record flavor notes.

First table settingsOpening Journals

As Nora passed around the first chocolate bar flavor, we opened our note books and recorded what we observed in the chocolate – taste, texture, and smell.  The first taste had a more granular texture, which comes from organic coconut palm sugar.


Nora self describes as a life long ‘chocoholic’ and not too long ago, she began uncovering the health benefits of cacao.  From there, she paired the beans with herbs and minerals that highlighted the beans’ natural health benefits.


Kat’s favorite was the LOVE bar!  Did you know that the same chemicals in our bodies that spur feelings of enthusiasm and attraction are also found in chocolate?  Nora said they added two aphrodisiacs – figs and cinnamon – with some hormone balancing herbs and voila!  The LOVE bar was born.

IMG_1463Energy Bar


IMG_1505Nora moved on to teach us about the ENERGY bar, which is bursting with coffee beans as well as herbs that will pep you up without the crash later.

last shotsThank you again, Nora, for introducing us to the most healthy, delicious chocolate we’ve ever tasted.  Want to try this at home?  Find Great Bean here!

 Lovely photos by Kim Jones

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