image2 (1)Hello, beauty babes –  Breann here! The holidays are officially here! With Thanksgiving behind us and Christmas just weeks away, it’s hard to not get excited about presents, twinkle lights, and cold weather. While we’re busy with running errands and keeping up with every day tasks, it’s easy to let your health fall by the wayside. I myself have caught one of the worst flu’s I’ve had in years, and it’s had a serious affect on me. Not only have the circles under my eyes grown a bit darker, but my skin a bit drier due to not having enough energy for a decent skincare routine. We all know that beauty starts from the inside, figuratively and literally. Today I’ve teamed up with My Beauty Tea to tell you why tea should be part of your beauty routine!

BEAUTY TEA 11. Stay Hydrated –

We all know that drinking plenty of fluids and staying hydrated is key for great skin and health. But if we’re being completely honest, sometimes water gets a bit boring, especially during the bitter winter months. Our bodies crave warmth, and what better way to satisfy that craving than with a spot of hot tea? Not only will it keep you hydrated, you’ll feel nice and cozy on that early morning commute. We recommend the Earl Grey for that extra boost of natural energy! You could even give those puffy eyelids a pinch of caffeine by letting some cool tea bags rest on your eyes after a long day of work.
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2. Kick that Cold to the curb! –

When you’re feeling under the weather, the last thing you care about is getting yourself ready for the day. This proves to be especially painful when you can no longer afford to miss work or skip an important meeting. The first place to start is making sure you get a good night’s sleep. We recommend My Beauty Tea’s Cozy Party blend just before hitting the hay. Hot tea not only helps loosen congestion and relieve chest aches, but assists in helping you fall asleep while feeling warm and secure. I love to stir in a splash of milk and a spoonful of honey to kick my immune system into gear while I rest. You’ll wake up feeling good as new and excited to try out that new holiday red lipstick!

3. Prevent! –

We all know that fresh teas, like the Cranberry Harvest Blend from My Beauty Tea, are full of anti-oxidants! Staying one step ahead of that nasty bug spreading around the office is half the battle. You can enjoy this one iced, or carry individual packs in your purse wherever you go. Either way, staying hydrated and aware of your immune system will keep you out of that sick bed and in the stores to finish up your holiday shopping!


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