cd79cb92f6ef8b8e2462ce67f5b5e93eYou could say that running an entertaining website makes you somewhat of an “expert” on all things dinner party. Putting yourself and your mission out on the internet will do that to you. Daily we received emails from concerned party throwers asking how to find the perfect place card, how to save an outdoor party if it rains, and other seemingly deserving concerns about mastering the perfect get-together. While these questions are par for the course, the biggest statement we get here at LK HQ is “I could never throw a party, my home is just too messy.”


FotorCreatedWe all have storage closets that have bowing shelves from to much stuff. There isn’t a person I’ve met that isn’t embarrassed by at least one part of their home. Maybe it’s the funky carpet you just haven’t had time to rip up. Maybe it’s the shades from the 80’s. Or maybe it’s the slightly pink paint job you have in your living room because you are renting and don’t want to invest the money in a permanent space.

This excuse of the “messy home” is totally that – an excuse. It’s a cop-out. No one cares if your plates don’t match, they are just happy to come over and catch up. You are not being judged on the sheen of your floors or the color of your walls. Inviting people into your home is an act of friendship, it’s a case for community, and place to feel known. So you’ve got dog hair on your sofa – so what? We’ve got shelves propped up by bricks and we think it’s charming!

If you are one of these “I can’t have friends over because..” types of people, I want to call your bluff. I want to challenge you to invite someone over this weekend. Your mom, best friend, co-worker, the couple that’s new to the neighborhood, whomever – it really doesn’t matter. Invite them over and see if they give a hoot about the un-perfectness of your life. Chances are, they will be refreshed because their space isn’t perfect either.

wjd6PMtFOFDmeAcyMBtS1vIZYAldZf5NxUD2FAhfA24,ynEDL2F_ypwpFUBaf76pE1RIp6MerFN6MNZQKzNL1EE,EfvltWiQSgO9NU9M74FLgypGl52l9DjOr9iilS8NsCYPS – These images were taken at our home in Phoenix the day before our house got robbed. Our house was prepped for a photo shoot, otherwise it would not be this clean. Many of the items in the images have been stolen or are broken due to the invasion.