DsN7EXRWWYu-o28zB-IuKvN92qb5S8nAXDeHKJvZTJEHello, hello! Misha here & with New Year’s Eve right around the corner we thought it would be fun to put together a fun, relaxed little get-together! If you love to entertain the way I do, you are used to throwing festive parties, and probably have some amazing tips!

If you are new to hosting though, (perhaps you just bought your first house) and want to know a few guidelines on entertaining with ease, here is some quick party advice!


Make sure to invite people way ahead of time. Evites can definitely work, but I have found that they sometimes get lost in the dreaded Spam box. You can pick some party invitations up at the store, or from certain online retailers.


Once you picked an invite out, find a theme to match it. Remember, cohesion is key! I personally find that a neutral color palette is easiest to play around with. It helps me to re-use decorations again, for more than just one occasion during any given year.

qKEvktxKi-aWwB6xtAvDDzt6a1SPxC5bbHNLS8z6BFMSTEP THREE:

Do not crowd the table. Beautiful table decor really takes the party up a notch! But going overboard makes for a very cramped mealtime. Try simply adding some beautiful candles, flowers, greenery, or vibrant fruit to your party tablescape. Sometimes, less is more. Only pick out a few statement pieces!

nye party 1STEP FOUR:

Think about the type of food you are going to serve. Make sure you have food to accommodate your various house guests. I always make sure to have a vegetable dish, and gluten free dish, due to common food allergies.

nye party 3STEP FIVE:

This is totally unnecessary, but I love sending my guests off with a little something special, particularly around the holidays! A cute ornament, candle, or hand soaps really make a lasting impression.

nye party 2

Cheers to celebrating!

Creative Direction & Styling: Misha West 
Photography: Fawn DeViney
Paper goods: TinyPrints