THROW A PIE PARTY THIS SUMMER because, why not?!

untitled-8Well, howdy friends! How is summer shaping up? Can you believe that it’s (basically) already July?! How is it that we hope and pray and plead for summer & then you blink & it’s over? This year I am determined to up my summer entertaining game & that means getting to throw fun, non-holiday get-togethers, like a PIE PARTY!

It’s a fun excuse to get the gang together, doesn’t require a ton of effort (nor will it break the bank), and it’s perfect for a backyard porch, apartment rooftop or picnic. Are you convinced yet? Well, just in case you need a little more nudging, we are breaking this brilliant pie party madness down into three steps – complete with recipe! It just couldn’t get any easier!

STEP ONE: Find the Perfect Pie Recipe

When hosting a pie party, it’s important to show your guests that you mean business and that pie parties are no joke. Or maybe you just want to whip up something that is stunning and requires medium baking prowess. Either way, the summer galette is where it’s at.

Grab some peaches, strawberries, blueberries, whatever you like & whip up a few of these summer galettes. We’re sharing the recipe over on Kendall-Jackson’s blog because you can’t have a pie party without the perfect wine, but we will get to that later.

Don’t stress about the perfect combo of fruit, or even how much to put in. The best part about these little galettes is that they are totally customizable. Mix and match, play with flavors, go crazy – it’s your pie party.



Potlucks don’t get enough attention & that’s a totally different topic, but I really love a party where everyone is responsible for a dish. Guests feel like they aren’t showing up empty handed (or worse, bring a bad bottle of wine) and everyone gets to share why the dish is their favorite, plus, you get exposed to new and fun things.

Since everyone loves dessert, asking your guests to bring their favorite pie is no sweat! People will totally rise to the occasion and it’s so fun to see what people bring! Grandma’s rhubarb pie recipe, Dad’s famous Key Lime, or maybe even an ice cream pie (I weirdly like those).

Naturally, no one will bring a galette as lovely as yours, but you’ve always been the bar setter.



Now it wouldn’t be a true LK party without a beverage pairing & this one is no exception! Summertime is all about fresh fruits, sweet treats, and chilled white wine, & it’s important to have a few good bottles in your fridge at all times — you know, for occasions like these.

We’ve been jamming on the Kendall-Jackson’s Vintner’s Reserve Sauvignon Blanc for a while now & there are no signs of stopping. A nice balance to a sweet treat, pick up a few bottles before you host your party and you’ll continue that reign as Hostess with the Most-ess.

untitled-50So, friends – what do you think? Ready to host your own pie bash? What could be better really – friends, fresh pies, and delicious wine – it sounds like the makings for a perfect summer evening in my book!

We would love to hear your favorite pie recipes, so share below or tag us on Instagram!

This post is sponsored by Kendall-Jackson but all thoughts, opinions, and food obsessions are our own.