IMG_4523Meet the adorable Margaret. You might remember her from our With Love from Berlin, Molten Lava Cake post or you might remember her super cool story about how she picked up and moved to Berlin (because, why the eff not). Either way, she is adorable & super rad & we get to live vicariously through her awesome Oktoberfest adventure! Read her tips, tricks, and insider low-down on how to do Oktoberfest right! – xoxo, LK

Each year thousands of people flood the streets of Munich to experience the Oktoberfest. The stuff of legends, fan fiction, I always get asked what is it really like? The answer: A colorful, drunken whirlwind that will make you fall in love with Germany, beer, Germans, and beer. Again and again.

This was my third year in attendance – and I’ve definitely learned a thing or two! Here you’ll find my top tips to planning ahead, navigating the ground, and finding the best beers.

Book your travel ahead of time.

Oktoberfest fills up fast, so get a jump on flights and a place to stay, because you’ll definitely want to save your budget for the Wiesen! Airbnb is a great option – and keep in mind Germany has fantastic public transportation, so even if you’re a bit out of the city, you’ll still have a great time.


Get outfitted!

Oh yes, you DO need a Dirndl. Or Lederhosen. While some enjoy the fest in street clothes, half the fun is dressing up! It’s common knowledge in Germany that every woman looks good in a Dirndl – for a reason. And while you might be a little shorter on breath – it’s tight in all the right places…

Dirndl’s can be expensive – they’re very traditional and are often passed through families. I highly recommend borrowing one from a friend like I did this year – or if you really want to treat yourself, check out Lodenfry for the most gorgeous selection you’ve ever laid eyes on.

Wear comfortable shoes! If you’re the kind of girl who can last in the club all night long in a pair of stilettos, then this one isn’t for you. But if you’re like the rest of us, then take my word for it. First of all, no one will look at your feet – including you – because you’ll all be too tipsy. Second of all, you’ll walk a lot. Try a little ankle boot and embrace the freedom!

For any hair inspiration – check out LK’s Summer Braid Round Up or the DIY Knot Braid where Breann has got you covered. And relax about it because by the end of the night it will fall out anyways.


Know where you want to go

The Wiesen is HUGE. And it’s great to get lost in the crowd – but with long lines and a lot of drunk people, it can go from fun to fail pretty quickly. Have at least one or two spots in mind that you don’t want to miss and make them a priority. I recommend a first beer at the Paulaner or Augustiner tents and a stop at the Oide Wiesen (the historical Okotoberfest!).

Most important tip? HAVE THE BEST TIME. Drink a sparkly maß – or five. Get wild, dance on the tables, and yell along to all the German songs.


Photography & Text by the adorable American abroad, Margaret Trainor