Here in Austin, the weekend trip, bachelorette party, quick getaway and family meet up is often New Orleans. But go a little further and east and you’ll hit what I think is the ultimate weekend on a U.S. beach. Miami is anything you need it to be – a lay on the beach for three days and sleep trip, a stay up late and go dancing ’til the sun comes up trip, or somewhere in between.  Due to the diverse cultural influences, Miami feels like a different world – you’re transported by the architecture, the 7 languages you hear in the air tram headed to the taxi, the humid air and plethora of palm trees.  Have I convinced you yet?  For a late summer getaway, there isn’t a better place to go – and here are my top picks.

La Latina

La Latina is a cozy spot just on the edge of Wynwood in Miami.  Arepas, a corn cake popular in South America, are their specialty.  Try the black bean and sweet plantain arepa and thank me later.


Zak the Baker.

The only thing to say is try it.  So delicious.  If you’re gluten free, they’re happy to serve the tuna melt or egg salad on greens.


The Angler’s.

The truth is that I love a boutique hotel and this Kimpton fit the bill – nicely.


The Rose Bar and the Spa at Delano.

The Delano spa is such a well kept secret – it offers a mani/pedi for the price you would pay at home except it’s a spa on a rooftop in Miami #srsly. And the Rose Bar, well, see below.


Finally, South Beach itself.

It’s the best people watching of all time and happens to be stunning.  Take a frozen bottle of white wine and sandwiches, rent a cabana for $20, and I promise you will be transported to total relaxation.

whmIenFcXtmzTZgbk1XKoQTf1d_dFD15GWy6mSg2Mi0-1Where do you love to go in Miami?  I’d love to hear!

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