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I could not be more excited that it’s 4th of July weekend! This holiday is one of my absolute favorites, I have so many wonderful memories of times spent BBQing, swimming, and celebrating our beautiful country.
Most of the time, we try to get out of town for the fourth to avoid the heat, the crowds, and the heat. Anyone will tell you that July temperatures in Arizona are nothing short of brutal. Unfortunately, it looks like my family will be stuck here for the holiday, so styling my hair to make the back of my neck a little more comfortable is a must.
It’s really easy to default to an easy ponytail or top knot when the heat is too unbearable to wear your hair down. I myself have fallen victim to the constant bun when the going gets rough. For the holiday though, I want to do something a little different, something that stands out. Now you guys all know I’m not a fan of anything that takes more than a few minutes. I was inspired by this summer hairstyle Riawna Capri did on Julianne Hough for a DWTS event. I love the separation of the hair, so I came up with a more dramatic effect using twists instead. Here’s the simple how-to:
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Start with 1-2 day dirty hair. The grit will help to hold the style together. If you feel like it’s a bit to oily, spray a bit of dry shampoo at your roots.
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Grab a handful of bobby pins and maybe some hairspray if your hair doesn’t want to stay put.
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Starting from your hairline, grab a 1-1.5 inch section of hair and begin twisting back.
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Secure with a bobby pin and continue around your head.
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You can loosen the twists and make them bigger by gently pulling the outside of it until you reach your desired volume. If you pull a lot of it, be prepared to secure the twist with extra bobby pins.
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You’ll be left with the long pieces in the back. Simply twist around, or form into small buns to give the back of the style a bit of volume.
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Pull some wispy pieces around your face if you so desire, then top of with a bit of hairspray and you’ll be ready to watch fireworks and enjoy some BBQ well into the evening!
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