IMG_1698Hello my little love bird! Can you believe Valentine’s Day is this weekend? If you are anything like me this holiday has totally fallen off your radar and now it’s crunch time! Besides the man, there are lots of friends and loved ones I like to give presents to, so we’ve rounded up a fun little gift guide of pretty things your ladies will love!
IMG_1693Mermaid Perfume: It’s light & refreshing and perfect for that “Why isn’t it summer yet?!” friend. Don’t worry, we all have one!

English Rose Hand Cream: This lovely little hand cream is perfect for the lover of romantic things in your life. Mr Darcey, anyone?

Happ & Stahn’s Jasmine Rivera: For the dainty design lover, this land lotion is total eye candy, not to mention really having the most delightful fragrance.

Sugar Berry Lip Tint: For the, “I am not really a lipstick kinda gal.” This stain is remarkably moisturizing, wears well, and has just the right hint of color to ease her in to wearing lip color.

Moon Flower Noir Hand Cream: Another immaculetly designed package that is perfect for that glam goddess in the friend group. Did I mention it smells like magic? It’s divine!

Dior Addict Lip Glow: We’ve all got a Dior junkie in the bunch & if she doesn’t already have this, her collection is incomplete. The balm changes to match your chemistry to create the perfect color that lasts all day. Talk about a match made in heaven!

Barr & Co. Honeysuckle Hand Cream: A classic for a classic friend. Who doesn’t love a good Barr & Co. product and this one smells ever so slightly of honeysuckle – perfectly balanced, like your most classic friend!

Laura Geller Iconic Lipstick (in Tan): A personal favorite of mine, this lip shade is subtly bold. It takes a lot to wear an almost khaki lipstick, but for the bold ladies in your life, this is a slam dunk. Plus, it’s fantastically hydrating!

Royal Apothic Lilly Hand Cream: In case English Rose wasn’t her cup of tea, we’ve put in her sister, the Lilly hand cream as well. Delightful yet slightly more grown up, this hand cream carries a fragrance that says, “I am sweet, but also pack a punch.” For all those gals in your life, this is for them.

Benefit Lip Stain: For the gal who likes a little quirk, this posey cheek and lip stain is just the thing. Smudge proof (hello, we’ve all been there) and delightfully cheerful, this stain is perfect for the gal who has no idea what contouring is yet loves to look her best!

Mermaid Candle: Some people just aren’t beauty counter people, that’s why this candle is a sure-fire every time. Light, refreshing, and perfect to lite once out of the shower or tub, it’s a fun way to treat yourself without  going to far out of your wheelhouse.




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