IMG_2507.JPGWith Valentine’s Day just around the corner, most of us are starting to think about our ensembles and beauty looks for the most romantic day of the year. We want to look extra hot for our dates, so we pull out all the stops from our primping handbooks. Of course nothing completes our outfits and carefully selected shades of lipstick like the perfect blow out. We want volume and we want it to last throughout the night. Instead of shelling out the cash and booking an appointment with your stylist, here are a couple of tips on how to get natural volume at home, without the teasing and gobs of hairspray.


The keys to getting soft, natural volume are good products and a bit of round brushing knowledge. The Lauren Kelp Team is a HUGE fan of Living Proof products. I always recommend using their Style Extender before blow drying. Just a quarter size amount distributed throughout damp hair is enough. To get a bit of lift I recommend using a mousse or texturizing spray at the roots. Flip your hair upside down and wave the dryer over your locks until most of the moisture is gone. Attempting to round brush from sopping wet hair is not only frustrating, but time-consuming.


Think of your round brush as a tool for smoothing and shaping. I usually start by clipping the top half of my hair up and round brushing the bottom section under until smooth. Once done, I un-clip the top and round brush that section in the opposite direction of my part. When you part it back the usual way, your hair will create its own natural volume since it’s just been pulled in the opposite direction.

IMG_2505.JPGWhen round brushing the front section of hair, I always recommend pulling the section away from your face and back. Think Farrah Fawcett hair, but with a brush instead of curling iron. This creates a more natural looking wave instead of it hanging straight down or falling into your face.


After you’ve finished smoothing and shaping your hair with the round brush, it’s time to bust out the old velcro rollers! While my hair is still warm from the dryer, I like to section the top half of my hair into five sections. One directly above my forehead that I like to call the “pouf” section. Remember when it was cool to pull your bangs back, poof them, and bobby pin into place? You’ll be using that same technique by taking that same section of hair and rolling back. I take the two side pieces and roll them under, as well as two additional pieces toward the back of the crown. Velcro rollers don’t hold well on their own, so make sure to secure them with clips or bobby pins. Using a medium hold hairspray, lightly dust the hair in the curlers and let them set for about 5-10 minutes until completely cool. I usually let them set while I’m doing my makeup.

IMG_2501.JPGGently pull out the rollers and finger comb your hair into the style. You can then curl your hair or straighten the ends for a sleek look. Use a light wax to create texture on the ends, and finish off with a light to medium hold hairspray if you feel like you need it. Now all that’s left is to touch up your make up, and slip on your dress and heels! IMG_2504.JPG

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