Well Dressed Creative-01Get ready, friends because Caroline Brewer is about to totally win your over. As a stylist, this powerhouse has worked with Anthropoligie, Marimekko, Southern Living, and just wrapped up Ben Rector’s latest album art. Living in Nashville, Caroline’s aesthetic is one part southern romantic and one part ecclectic bohemian. Building her business on gut, gumption, and a keen eye, Caroline is a serious style maven and her journey couldn’t be more relatable. Well Dressed Creative-02 Full name: Caroline Brewer

Age: 26

Location: Nashville, Tennessee

Current title/companyCaroline Brewer Styling – Freelance Stylist & Clark Brewer Photography -Marketing/PR, assistant, and wife 😉

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How long have you been a full time Creative?

Three years, although I have only been working for myself for 6 months. I was aVisual Merchandiser at Anthropologie before moving on to pursue freelance styling and help Clark run his photography business.

What is your day-to-day work routine like?

Working from home is a new thing for me and I am still trying to find a routine. So far, each day has looked pretty different depending on the job I am working on that week or even that particular day. The fast paced, “no two days are the same”, environment that comes with the freelance lifestyle has been a fun change to things that I have done in the past!

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Best part about being a business owner?

Creative freedom! It’s so nice to put work out that YOU are inspired by and that you think is beautiful. It is also amazing when people start hiring you for your personal aesthetic and vision. That feels like a real accomplishment!

What is some advice you wish you would have had before you got started?

When you are working for yourself you have to create strong boundaries, otherwise you will work all the time! And even stronger boundaries need to be established if you’re in business with your husband. We tend to talk about work a lot and it can be a challenge to live a well-balanced life.

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What is the key to making a fool proof, creative, yet professional outfit?

Staying true to yourself. I think people appreciate unique and original ideas. That being said, consider where you are going and dress appropriately.

Any tips for having a well-balanced closet?

For me, balance at this point means being concise. In the past, I have had too many clothes. I had items in my closet that didn’t fit quite right or the color wasn’t my favorite, but for whatever reason I just tried to make them work. This year I am trying to consolidate and only have things in my closet that I am excited about! I think having a well balanced closet means loving and feeling confident in anything you pull out, but in order to get there, you’ve got to be willing to say bye, bye to some of those old clothes that you think you will wear someday, but you never do.

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