hubbell0060Meet powerhouse Sarah Hubbell. When she is not on local Arizona news featuring the hottest home how-to’s, she is hard at work on lifestyle online publication, Emma Magazine. As a self-described, “modern domestic”, Sarah loves sharing her home decor, entertaining, and culinary expertise in every & all mediums. Think you’ve got her pegged? Sarah was also on the 20th season of MTV’s The Real World! Get to know this rock star, her creative journey, and her personal style below….


Full name: Sarah Hubbell

Age: 28

Location: Phoenix

Current title/company: Editor/Founder, Emma Magazine
How long have you been a full-time Creative?

2 years!

What is your day-to-day work routine like?

Working for myself has eliminated any real sense of routine. Every day is a bit different. Some days I’m recipe testing. Other days I’m filming for our uLive series or a local morning show. I balance work with raising my two-year-old, so some days we hit the zoo or a play date and blow off work altogether. About once a month, work catches up with me, and I need a full eight-hour day to really hammer everything out: emails, shoots details, editorial planning, etc. There’s a perception that working for yourself means staying in pajamas and binge eating while Hulu plays in the background, and admittedly some days are like that, but mostly it’s a constant balancing act and lots of self-discipline. I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Best part about being a business owner?

The fact that I can stay at home with Hudson while still pursuing something I care so much about.

hubbell0066What is some advice you wish you would have had before you got started?

I wish industry peers would have been more generous with their advice actually. So much of this industry is figuring things out yourself. I’m really thankful for people like Summer Bellessa who led me in the right direction. I think some creatives worry that if they share too much it will inhibit their own success, but I love the idea of women helping each other succeed. I hope to do that myself!

What is the key to making a fool-proof, creative, yet professional outfit?

A dress – one piece so easy! Oh, and a stylist :). If you’re in the Phoenix area, Mallory Jarvis has impeccable taste.

Any tips for having a well-balanced closet?

I’m always paring down and giving away clothes I don’t wear. I hate having too much stuff, so I like to keep my closet full of options I actually like. Nothing’s worse than standing in front of a whole bunch of clothes and thinking “I have nothing to wear!”


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