WEEKEND PARTY PLAYLISTS Labor Day weekend, anyone?

Well all know that music can absolutely make or break a party. Whether it is a dinner party with friends, a big backyard hang, or a weekend celebration – music is totally the unsung hero of any event. Don’t have time to curate the perfect party playlist in between cooking, cleaning, and all those last minute details? Of course you don’t. Avoid playing DJ during the event (or even worse, having that one friend take over….it’s okay, we all have one) try out these four perfect curated party playlists. Looking for an ambient anthem vibe? Yep, we’ve got it. Need something more sophisticated but not sleepy? Got that too. Trust us, if it’s one thing we know – it’s how to throw a party!



This is one of all time favorite playlists. Perfect for the evening dinner party where you just want to sit back, relax, get a little tipsy and catch up with friends. This playlist is packed full of feel good rhythms that you can’t help but bob your head to. No one will want to change this station because it’s got a little something for everyone. Cat Power, Otis Redding, Dawes, and Johnny Cash – how could it get any better than that?


This guy is perfect for the weekend house party. Grilling out in the backyard, people mingling throughout the house, everyone just doing their own thing & having a good time – this is the playlist you want. It’s upbeat and full of remix tracks and positive vibes & keeps any party going. Plus, if you are hoping hour house party turns into a dance party, this is a pretty good warm up playlist.


This is also a fan favorite in our office. It’s the perfect playlist for drinking on a boat, hanging out on the lake, or sitting poolside. Curated by #TeamSia, so how can it not be amazing? Pop baselines and catchy hooks make this playlist super fun and a total mood booster. It’s also a really fun playlist to dance to — just saying!


Throwing a party, having some drinks with friends, or just hanging out on the porch – this playlist is the ultimate weekend hangout mashup. While there isn’t anything too mainstream on this playlist, there is a good mix of tunes you’ve heard of stuff you can’t pronounce.  If you are looking for a little bit of lounge music that isn’t lame or Miami-esque, this is it!

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