starbucks0007Harper’s Bazaar recently published this “article” – What Your Coffee Order Says About Your Style – and I totally feel for it, hook, line, and sinker. According to the puff piece, I am “A Minimalist” due to the fact that I like to drink my coffee black. Which, I guess is true, because my closet is filled with varying shades of black, neutral tones, and army greens. But the article had me wondering – what type of black coffee drinker am I?

To be honest, I know very little about coffee. In fact, here is what I know:

1. I need it to function in the morning

2. It makes me a better person

3. Drinking it out of Styrofoam cups makes my teeth hurt (which maybe is another issue & I should probably call my dentist)

4. In order to have a proper espresso, the grounds have to be more fine than with a regular cup of coffee

That’s it. Embarrassing, really. I have been drinking coffee for the majority of my life and I don’t really know if I like a Medium versus a Blonde roast, a pour over or an Americano, or what “upside down” means. So, thanks to Starbucks, I set out on a little tasting adventure to educate my palette and determine what type of coffee gal I am.


Starbucks recently released Single Origin coffee’s to their arsenal of brews. Have no idea what that is? Yea, neither did I. Basically, when coffee claims to be of single origin, it means it is sourced from a single location in one of the three coffee growing regions – Latin America, Asia, or Asia Pacific. The various climate impacts, soil types, and other environmental factors all impact the beans differently, resulting in a really unique and specific taste to any given region. starbucks0004

So, knowing that each region affects the beans flavor composition differently, we set out to take them for a test drive.


The flavors of this roast are divine. A bit like chocolate covered oranges, this medium roast is spicy, sweet, and smells like heaven. The only way I knew how to describe it was – ‘perky.’ Do what you will with that…


I have heard great coffee comes from Guatemala so I had big expectations about this one. While this is also a Medium roast, it’s flavors are totally different. This sassy guy has citrus notes but less orange-y and the chocolate hints are not a dark, bitter chocolate, but more sweet and milky.


If you like a good chia tea or some spice to your beverage, this is the blend for you. Smooth and spicy but with a really nice finish.

starbucks0006The winner was – the RIFT VALLEY! Turns out, I am a Medium roasted kinda gal who likes her coffee like she likes chocolate – spicy with a bit of citrus! Who knew? If you have never sat down and done a coffee tasting – I certainly recommend it! We did this on a Saturday morning, in our PJ’s, while breakfast was cooking. It was fun to see how my tastes differed from my husband’s and how our opinions changed once we tried them all! starbucks0017

laurenconstanceThis post is sponsored by Starbucks but all thoughts, opinions, and food obsessions are our own.