Happy Monday, friends! We here at LK HQ believe that each day is worth celebrating, even if just a little bit. As Monday’s always get a bad rap, we’ve decided to make it better with some chocolate! Not just any chocolate, mind you, molten lava cake from BERLIN. 

Meet Margaret, today’s lovely baker. She currently lives in Berlin, works for an amazing app, and can bake like the best of them. Don’t believe me? See below! 

Well, it’s true…summer is almost over. And, to be honest, I’m not even upset about it. Don’t get me wrong, I love warm nights and baking under the sun, but I’d be lying if I didn’t say that I cannot wait for fall.

I’ve had enough of the heat and just want to wrap myself in a scarf and some cashmere—spending my days watching the leaves change and cradling warm cups of tea. Oh, and tucking into one of these. Decadent, dark chocolate cakes with a warm molten center.

2Now that it’s cooling down, it’s finally time to get the kitchen warmed back up. And that means chocolate. Not that I ever need a seasonal excuse to indulge, but when the clouds start rolling in, these little devils and a big cup of Earl Grey are my go to.

Lucky for me I work for a cooking app called Kitchen Stories, so I get my pick of the bunch. But, lucky for you, it’s free in the App Store and has enough delicious recipes to keep you cooking all year long. Follow the steps below and make this chocolate molten lava cake dream a reality. For more tips and tricks, as well as videos, find a link to the app at the end… 4

Yes. It MELTS in your mouth. Quick tip, to keep it nice and gooey, stick to a shorter baking time or for a cakier texture feel free to tack on a couple more minutes. Also, if you don’t have these particular tins, a muffin pan is a great stand in.6

Now, we know you have a favorite summer to fall recipe to share… and don’t be shy because we’re hungry and curious! Just tag #LKmakes and @1kitchenstories and we’ll show it off.